ArcheAge Unchained permabans 200+ accounts over ArchePass mission exploits

“With today’s hotfix, all ArchePass missions have had their maximum gold for completion reduced to 10g. Along with this, the weekly mission counter has been applied. After reviewing accounts that were abusing the previous high gold from world boss missions, we have permanently banned over 200 accounts. These accounts were participating in high level abuse of this system, which continued after the previous warning was given. We are continuing with additional efforts to clean up the aftermath, and will be tracking items or gold that were moved by offending accounts. We are working with XL to remove banned accounts from the leaderboard. This decision was reached due to the zero tolerance policy we have in place for violations of our Terms of Service, and we wanted to be very transparent with players on what actions have been taken. We take these issues very seriously, and will continue with this strict adherence to our zero tolerance policy on abuse and exploits. The team is committed to ensuring a level playing field and will not be providing second chances for accounts found in violation.”

Regarding the STEAM API issue
Please try these steps:
Please start steam as admin and check again
Otherwise, you can right click on ArcheAge: Unchained in your Steam Library
– Click Properties
– Select the Tab Local Files
– Browse Local Files
– Start the GlyphClient.exe

— ArcheAge (@ArcheAge) October 22, 2019

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