Archeage Interview from Inventory from OCT 4th. on the Redesign. (Translated Oct. 9th)

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Q. Finally, a word for users who have enjoyed ArcheAge for a long time.

Jae-Ik Joo: ArcheAge is a game with great potential. This graphics improvement is just one of the factors that maximizes its potential. The graphics will continue to improve in the future, but I hope users will feel proud of their games. I hope it will be a better ‘ArcheAge’ than now.

Yongjin Ham: I appreciate the good results so far. Now is the beginning. Archeage will continue to change in terms of maximizing its potential in line with the user’s eye level. Please support me as it is change for all of you.

From me Volomon: I’m actually very impressed they realize and accept the game is looking dated, though personally I think it looks unique enough to not need a full engine rehaul but at the same time I’m curious if the game will get enough lease on it’s MMO life to be redone with a whole new engine. Just curious what everyone else thought about the interview.

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