Albion Online has banned almost 40,000 cheaters in less than two months

“Which is why we can happily report that all-in-all, since the launch of Albion East on March 20, we’ve banned approximately 38,800 accounts that have engaged in illicit behavior – for instance botting, speed-hacking, RMTing, scripting, macroing, or similar – or have benefited from this behavior. Our technical measures against speed-hackers seem to be holding, as we continue to see a much lower number of reports than previously. This means that we can and will continue to focus on people using bots or other types of automation.”

We’ve been keeping vigilant on eliminating accounts that have gained unfair advantages like botting, speed-hacking, RMTing, etc.

As of March 20th, we’re up to 38.8K accounts and don’t plan on stopping there. 🙅‍♀️🧑‍💻

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— Albion Online (@albiononline) May 11, 2023

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