The doors have been opened — albeit only a crack — to admit the first few testers into Neos Land. NeoJac announced that last weekend saw a “light test run” with a handful of pre-purchasers, the first such test of several to come. The next pre-alpha run is scheduled for Saturday, December 17th, and will focus on the game’s skill and combat system.

As Neos Land is a purely skill-based (instead of class-based) game, players will need to select which skills to level up by using them during fighting. Apparently the combat system in this game hews much more to an action set-up controlled entirely via mouse.

“Players can toggle between combat mode and non-combat mode,” the devs explained. “While in combat, a player can’t use his mouse to activate any UI, as they use the left and right mouse button to strike or block. [This] only damages a target which is in their cross hairs. It makes for a fast based combat system. A player’s skill moving their character, combined with timing of abilities, will lead to victory.”

Source: Neos Land