Ryzom has gone through a change of hands and the open sourcing of all of its non-content components, but it is still hanging in there. The now 12 year old MMORPG launched on Steam today. It can still be played for free indefinitely with a few restrictions that were laid out in a Steam review.

Free to Play Accounts

  • Free to Play Accounts Limited to Lv. 125 in All Skills
  • Cannot Own a Mektoub Packer
  • No Appartment Inventory
  • Cannot Withdraw Items from Guild Halls (You can only Deposit)
  • Unable to Craft HQ Armor
  • Unable to Attack Outposts
  • Unable to Extract: Prime Roots or get Prospect Specialazation

Subscription Accounts

  • Sub Accounts Get to Lv. 250 in All Skills
  • Can Own 3 Mektoub Packer each packer can carry 500 builk items.
  • Able to Access Appartment Inventory holds hold 2,000 builk items.
  • Able to Access Guild Halls Storage holds 10,000 builk items.
  • Able to Craft HQ Armor Starting at Lv. 150
  • Able to Attack Outposts Starting at Lv. 200
  • Can Specialize the Crafting Profession
  • Gains Double the Amount of EXP as Free to Play Accounts
  • Able to Progress there Classes Father then Free to Play Accounts
  • Able to use Items that are otherwise Restricted by Level.

According to SteamCharts, there are already over 200 players in-game. Will you be joining them?