New World Neutered! Should we cancel our preorders?

Neues MMO New World krempelt sich um – Zwangs-PvP ist weg, Open World kommt
Warum ich diese Bestien spannender finde als das PvP in New World

Forced PvP and survival elements have been removed
PvP can now be turned on and off in the open world using the drop-in function. If you want, you can avoid PvP completely.

“MeinMMO: “ We know from our preliminary talk that you removed forced PvP from New World. Why did you choose to do this? ”

Scot Lane: “We learned in our early alpha tests that many of the MMO players wanted more content on the one hand and that they didn’t like the“ Open World Gank Fest ”on the other. As a result, they lost the fun of New World.

So what we did was add more direct content. We have added quests, objectives, missions and community goals. We are now more of an open world MMO than a sandbox as it was before.

We now have PvP in the game as a voluntary opt-in feature. ”

Not only is New World making PVP voluntary (Like WoW), but from the looks of it, we won’t even get a PVP server.

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3 thoughts on “New World Neutered! Should we cancel our preorders?

  1. Thank YOU!!! finally – i’m so sick of these PvP all over games. just personal preference though. if i want a “battle-royal” i will go play one. but i WANT a fantastic MMO to fill the void less all the other garbage out there.

    all of the good games out there now have open PvP everywhere and unless i strive to have NO LIFE like all of these people who openly destroy my progress in game because ALL they do is play this game all day everyday….i get no where in the game. archeage is a great example of this…along with life is feudal and several others. i’m sure many don’t share my views but i’m certain many others do. there are PLENTY of PvP options out there for those who want to see who can mash keys and mouse buttons faster. for the rest of us, we are looking forward to new world.

  2. Where are all these good games with open pvp? Most games out there are carebear hand holding theme parks with one or two sandbox features.

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