The early access switch was flipped on for Gloria Victis a month ago, which has been a big transition for the team. It’s been a transition that’s brought plenty of work along with it, to boot; a retrospective after the first month notes that the game has had 10 regular patches and several smaller updates applied to help trim up issues, correct errors, balance systems, and otherwise keep the game accessible and fun for everyone.

“Thanks to this effort over 30,000 copies were sold within these 30 days – this income boost will allow us to expand the development team and therefore to work faster on implementing new features and polishing existing systems,” writes the studio. “We have also established our office – so far we have been working remotely – which allows us to increase our efficiency.”

Of course, they’re not going to stop there, and the retrospective also outlines the next major development goals such as replacing the current player models with something better animated and motion-captured (and allowing you to play as a lady). There’s also the implementation of sailing, naval combat, siege combat, housing, and dynamic events still to come. So if you’ve been enjoying your first month with the game, it’s only going to get better, and if you’ve found the first month a bit underwhelming… again, it’s going to get better.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, Kinya.