It’s a bit odd that we have an entire category of peripherals known as “controllers” when everythingyou use to control a video game is a controller. A controller is just a thing that controls something else, right? But you know that when Fragmented‘s latest patch finishes up improving controller support, you know what’s being talked about. Still, the important part is that you can now work the game’s housing commands and control configuration with your controller, so now you can happily pick up your controller and control away.

The patch also improves the durability on body armor, so your Armor of Invincibility will take longer to turn into Tattered Shreds Which Were At One Point Armor of Invincibility. Repair kits have been added as well, so you can patch up your equipment in the field as necessary. Check out the full patch notes to see everything that’s been fixed or improved; you’ll have to scroll through that on a mouse and keyboard.