Darkfall Patch Incoming

Hello everyone,

This is a quick update to inform our players of our planned road-map and imminent actions.

Firstly, I would like to give an apology for the lack of communication, as we did not wish to create any false expectations while the dust was still settling in our new office environment.

The next patch will include the Economy changes as well as the new inventory system. We cannot share many details on the economy changes as it contains a lot of sensitive information. However, we did attempt to make it closer to the DFO economy, which we used as a general rule of thumb.

The economy changes have almost been completed, and the Inventory system is under final testing. A tentative ETA for that is 2 weeks.

After that we have the new Hotbar system, and a combat update. Some ideas were already shared in the Round table, but we will include more to address the current player issues.

Also in the works we have leaderboards, enchanting, free trial, and hopefully some starting quests, for new players.

A more official announcement will take place in the upcoming days as well as more information on each topic. So stay tuned!

Thank you.