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Of course I have the Q&A in english, so here they are..


TL;DR: No mounted combat, no bullet drop on projectiles (both arrows and magic ones), no active training needed at all to max a character and local banks confirmed.




1. Two words.. mounted combat! We already know some mounts will be actively fighting, but will we be able to fight on some of them? Stretch goal.. maybe? :)

Our feature list is already pretty well packed and this feature is one of those that is rough to sell as necessary to anyone. Either you have to give players completely new powers while on the back of a mount or somehow make their existing archetype powers work with a handful of generic animations. Then whichever model you pick it needs to play nice with the rest of your game. In the MMO space, mounted combat tends to rank about as popular as underwater combat.

So the answer is: probably not.  If mounted combat is something you really want, play a centaur! J

2. Passive training is one of the most important features of Crowfall. We’ve been told that players could still actively train some skills up to a certain percentage.. is that mandatory? Or will anyone be able to 100% passive train their characters? Some were concerned by how easy it might be to have alt characters on the latter case.

This design is still in flux, but as it currently stands, you could passively train a character’s skills to the maximum amount without gaining any active-usage based skill XP.


3. Guilds are player associations which can contain any number of sub-guilds (i.e. divisions or branches). Is it safe to assume that Crowfall will have the same Guild system of Shadowbane? Will there be normal alliances on top of fealty trees?

The hierarchical nature of the guild system is very similar to Shadowbane, yes.  We haven’t fleshed out all the detail of how these will manifest in each of the different Campaign types.


4. Since there has been a lot of emphasis on the physics, will ranged projectiles have bullet drop? Will you limit their range, like TERA does?

While bullet drop is very common in shooters, I’m not sure we need to make gameplay with projectiles in Crowfall even more difficult. If anything, it can be tricky to hit a moving target with a fireball since they don’t move as fast as bullets. We will investigate ranged physical more when we build the Ranger archetype.

Projectiles definitely have a maximum range. When they hit their maximum range they either dissipate (in case of plain arrows) or explode (in the case of fireballs/exploding arrows). We have been able to create air bursts above targets that still damage those targets via judging max range correctly, but not the pitch (i.e. we shot too high).[JTC1]


5. Factions can win a campaign by reaching a certain amount of (bloodstone) points or by triggering an event (holding X “flags”). What will trigger season advancement, especially during triggering events campaigns? Will winter be endless?

Currently, the seasons trigger based on the passage of time – ‘how much’ time is one of the things that we intend to adjust at the Campaign level.  It is certainly possible that we could add triggering events that advance the seasons – but we don’t have it in the plan yet!

6. Caravans were a big hint… Can you confirm that banks during campaigns will be local?

As you surmised, our plan is for there to be local banks in the campaigns. Without local banks, it would undermine the purpose of caravans… The idea behind caravans is to make the act of hauling materials and goods around on a strategic decision, and fraught with risk.  Global banking in the Campaign World wouldn’t allow for that type of emergent gameplay.


7. What makes crafting in Crowfall different from any other MMO on the market?

That’s a pretty broad question.  Off the top of my head, here are a few things that make crafting different in Crowfall.

First: crafting is the primary way that items are created in the game.  This is very different than the standard camp-mobs-for-loot model that has been the standard in MMOs for the last… decade (or maybe longer?)

Second: the fact that we have import and export rules means that there will be localized demand for crafting throughout the game universe.  Crafting is very likely going to be a major factor in deciding whether Campaigns are lost or won.

Third: we’re making crafting a full (and independent) game system; not tying it to your “character level” like most standard MMOs.  This means it isn’t a secondary activity to fill the time between achieving you character goals; crafting can be the central focus of your character, and the main point OF those character goals, if you want it to be.