Champions of Lowsec – The Results!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the statistics from the event – you sure got busy!

  • During the contest period, 38,719 ships were destroyed throughout all lowsec space.
  • The most dangerous system overall was Tama with 5,033 ships and pods destroyed.
  • The killingest ship was the Gnosis with 5,992 kills during the contest period.
  • The dyingest ship was, well, capsules, with 8,254 omelettes made. As for actual ships the most common victim was the Tristan with 1,240 destroyed.
  • The most expensive kill was an Avatar class Titan which Snuffed Out very fortuitously happened upon and destroyed!
  • The most dangerous pilot during the contest was Niara Amatin who bagged 105 eligible solo kills.
  • The pilot who bagged the most expensive solo kill overall was Captn Michonne who picked off a very shiny Gila.
champions of lowsec infographic

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