The environment in Ashes of Creation is meant to change around you. The most basic level of this, as detailed in the most recent article on the official site, is simply the changing of seasons, with spring giving way to summer which eventually turns to fall and so on. Passes that might be perfectly safe and accessible in the summer may become dangerous or even impassable in the winter, while water may freeze and create new routes that can’t be accessed in the spring. You get the idea.

But that’s not getting into how the development of certain nodes can alter their surrounding environments, and how the actions of players can change the vegetation and wildlife present… or how seasons don’t always come as planned, and you can have an unusually rainy fall, or a too-short winter, or a dry summer. Check out the video just below for a first preview of what all of this looks like in the game, although just the description is probably getting you ready to curse at digital weather just like the real weather.