What’s an MMO sandbox without the ability for players to construct their own cities? A small, ant-ridden sandbox with a broken plastic shovel and a sad kid with a finger up his nose, that’s what.

ArcheAge has had guild keeps in the game from launch, but now the fantasy MMORPG is preparing to grow past these walls by allowing players to build proper castles and towns. There are a lot of buildings that guilds can construct, starting with the capital. There’s also a workshop, farm, market, warehouse, and sovereign’s vault, each offering new challenges and facilities to guild owners and those that are allowed to visit.

Constructing cities won’t be easy, of course. In addition to gold, buildings and services will require three other types of currency, so you better have your guild organized and motivated for the task!

Trion Worlds said that cities are the first step to empires: “Together, these buildings form a new economy enabling the creation of territory supplies for storage in special warehouses, as well as the crafting of new, specialized Auroran trade packs. The buildings even unlock elite quests to allow the founding of your own in-game nation!”