Gloria Victis Weekly Update – PVP experience redefined

Changelog v.


The latest weekly update for Gloria Victis redefines the PVP experience. First of all, we have greatly improved the game and servers performance. Therefore combat became even more skill-based, as the occurrence of factors not depending on the players have been mostly reduced.

We have also significantly improved the graphics quality. From now on players are able to set the displaying of terrains, objects and shadows to a much bigger range. This change, combined with the better working range of displaying characters of the other players, will enhance the experience from sieges. Defenders will be able to see invaders way faster, while the latter can sneak to a town or castle they want to claim, making use of the landform and hide in the woods.

There are numerous improvements as well, including tweaks done to the crafting system, “Valley of Death” tournament and interface. In summary, today’s update greatly improves the user experience and overall immersion.

See you on the battlefield!

Changelog v.


– Fixed all of the reported methods of duplicating items; please report if there are any other methods left – each player who reported an unique, unknown method will be rewarded with an account upgrade or an additional game key!
– Modfified the NPC mercenaries respawn mechanics at the “Valley of Death” tournament – only mercenaries who support the losing team will appear, depending on the difference in points and amount of participants, not on the flag status (a nation which controls the flag still earns additional points)
– Disabled the HP regeneration of NPC mercenaries during the “Valley of Death” tournament
– Reduced the respawn time during the “Valley of Death” tournament and on arena to 5 seconds
– Made it possible to revive an unconcious character on arena even if the respawn time expired
– Implemented auto-learning the basic recipes after creating a character
– Added NPC enemies on the islands of the exiled players
– Increased a chance to loot the recipes for parts of armour made from hides of the animal bosses
– Improved display of the accomplished achievements and rewards for them on the screen
– Improved the game’s graphics on ultra settings, greatly increasing the display range of terrains, objects and shadows


– Optimized spawning the players characters on server and removing them, resolving most of the problems with the servers performance
– Optimized the CPU usage