Good news for fans of Wurm Online, as the Wurm Unlimited version patches up to patch 1.3 today. That means both versions of the game are now up to the same iteration, complete with a variety of fixes to improve quality of life all around. Want to slap a saddle on a unicorn and ride it around? You can do that now. Need some larger entrances to a mine for entrance issues? You can do that now. Want to blast across the sky in a jet-powered wagon bristling with automatic weapons? You want to be playing a different game, then, that’s a terrible idea.

The patch also brings in cooking updates and new storage options, both of which will be welcome improvements to the quality of life in the game. Players are also encouraged to make use of the new bug report UI to identify any issues arising from the new patch or other long-standing bugs. So it’s a better game, and it’s a chance for players to more easily identify problems to make the game better in the future. Everybody wins! Ride a unicorn around town to celebrate.