This past Saturday, Wurm Online pumped out a small 4.0.6 client release. With improved performance and better lighting, the patch serves as a prelude of sorts to greater changes that are coming to the sandbox MMO in the future.

For a preview of said changes, you’ll want to head over to Steam, where a developer blog lists the many projects that the team is pursuing in an effort to make the game more robust and better-looking. No offense to Wurm, but “better-looking” is a always worthy goal toward which this team to strive.

“Work continues on the development client with a new rendering engine, with better performance, lighting and shading, along with a ton of new graphics options,” the team said. “It’s an amazing improvement over the existing way the game renders, and will really bring the world to life.”

Other projects that are coming both to Wurm Online and its standalone Wurm Unlimited include new wall surfaces, epic mission structures, transporting animals in crates, an improved creature movement system, and a highway system.

Source: Wurm OnlineSteam

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