Wurm Online Mission and UI changes


Since things have been quiet from us for a while, we thought we’d update you with the list of things that we’re currently working on addressing. This is not the longer term roadmap (which we intend on sharing very soon, most likely next week), but a status on the outstanding issues that we’ll have fixes out for soon.

First off, below are some of the things that will be addressed with the next update, which will happen early next week:

  • Situation with uneven creature spawns on all servers should be fixed, and the creature cap on Defiance will be additionally raised
  • Bug where coffers on the new servers kept being empty will be fixed (coins will again be able to be acquired through foraging etc)
  • You’ll be able to start new characters on Defiance, straight from the tutorial portal


Other than that, we’re working on fixing other issues up, as well as reintroducing features from the Southern Freedom Isles that didn’t make it yet to the new servers. Below is some details regarding the changes we’re working on:


Missions and Valrei features

Missions will appear on the new servers along with a Valrei update intended for Defiance, which should be very soon.


Favor regeneration

To help with the Channeling skillgain (and generally make casting less annoying) we’ll be introducing changes to how favor works.

This will work off the previously suggested changes to allow a higher pool of pending favor to be prepared, with concerns raised in that feedback thread (https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/178620-changes-to-favor-gain-from-sacrificing/) being addressed – further details will appear in the patch notes.

Source fountains
We’re working on changing this mechanic a bit before reintroducing it to the new servers, mostly to avoid the claiming of those as has happened on other servers.

Rifts and runes
Rifts on the new servers will appear in a couple months – we feel the servers are not developed enough for those yet, and we would like to balance them further beforehand.

Sleep bonus(es)
This is coming a bit late, but as announced before, we will grant everyone 10 hours of sleep bonus to compensate for the rocky launch and the following weeks we’ve had – this will be announced a few days before it happens so everyone has a chance to use up what they have left.

This will be coming together with a sleep bonus merge between Defiance and the PvE servers of the Northern Freedom Isles – your sleep bonus will cross through when using the PvP portal, so that you can use it where you want to.

Moon metal on PvE (via gift packs)
Pending rebalance.

Pending rebalance.

New UI
We’re working on further improving the new UI and addressing the common complaints before removing the old UI client – among these will be improvements to the default/repeat action systems, text size settings, better chat settings and more.



As you might’ve noticed, a lot of the things wait on us finalizing their balancing before introducing them to the new servers. Since this launch has allowed a lot of people to experience a fresh Wurm start, we want to jump on this chance to try and rethink some of the things that ended up as less than ideal on the Southern Freedom Cluster balance-wise.

This has been more regarding the PvE side of Wurm, so here’s a fresh PvP discussion thread with some more information on that front:


And to reiterate, a full roadmap disclosing some of our longer-term plans for Wurm (regarding all the servers, not just Northern Freedom Isles) will be up on the forums very soon – for now though, I hope this post clears up the current situation.

Content retrieved from: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/179570-on-things-current/.