Wurm Online introduces underground housing, invasion system

Patch Notes 24/MAY16 Jackal Rising

  • Rifts
    • Invasions from the moon Jackal! Team up, kill creatures and sacrifice their hearts to bring the next wave.
    • Rifts will spawn randomly over the server, away from deeds.
    • Source can also be sacrificed to open the rift if hearts are not available.
    • They will spawn on all servers.
    • Collect loot dropped by Rift creatures, with shoulder pads, rings, bracelets providing over two dozen different bonuses!
    • Bonuses from Rift equipment will be disabled on PvP servers (for now).
    • Invasions will be marked with a red light shining into the sky, they will appear 3 days prior to an invasion on PvE servers, and 1 hour prior to the invasion on PvP servers.
  • Cave dwellings!
    • Currently PvE only, they will come to PvP when adequate countermeasures are introduced.
    • They require reinforced flat floors.
    • Can be built up to 8 stories.
    • Plain stone building types only.
    • Can be built against walls on deed only.
    • Take fast decay when off deed
  • Source Crystals can now be mined from any tile type.
  • Silver Mirrors can no longer be traded in containers.
  • Bugfix – Fixed a few grammatical and text errors.
  • Bugfix – Destroying altars now checks the ‘destroy items’ permission for allies and non-citizens
  • Bugfix – Scythes no longer take damage when harvesting non grain fields.
  • Bugfix – Movement speed on bridges corrected.
  • Bugfix – Attaching a lock to a group of items now only locks the first unlocked item.
  • Bugfix – Fences in arched walls have improved permission checks for destroying.
  • Bugfix – Unlocked and unmoored boats on PvP servers can now be dragged by anyone with the appropriate strength.
  • Bugfix – Keyholders can now take items from locked containers even if they lack permissions.
  • Bugfix – Corrected an issue which allowed some priests to pray at any altar.

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