Vote for Sandbox of the Year 2017

Voting ends January 15th. Early Access games are not included in this poll.

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If your favorite sandbox is unlisted, please comment below.

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22 thoughts on “Vote for Sandbox of the Year 2017

  1. You need to edit ‘Salem’ a bit.
    It is no longer published by ‘Paradox’, instead it is run by ‘Mortal Moments’
    It is no longer in Beta. It was releaced July 2015 and continues to get updates with new content.
    The main page you linked is wrong, I would link it here but the comments wont let me – search ‘Salem the game’ and you will find it ^.^

    1. Your right I should have added this game to the list. I thought it was one of the first ones I added to the poll. The poll has been up for several days now though, and your the first person to comment about it. There is an “other” category too.
      Since “Other” is getting only roughly 11% of the vote I’d say it’s pretty clear at this point that Eve wasn’t going to win either way.

  2. I can’t vote for my favorite Ryzom. Salem shows bold in the list. But I’m here for the very first time. 🙁

      1. Is Ryzom more populated now? I played it a little, but after leaving the beginner island the place was completely deserted…

    1. I would tend to agree. Some of these games are more “battlebox” then sandbox. Darkfall for example would lean more towards battlebox rather than sandbox, but we can’t deny it does have many sandbox features.

  3. SWGEmu (Star Wars Galaxies Pre-CU). For those with a love of Star Wars, SWGEmu may be of interest. Things to know about it: This is a long-term project to reproduce Star Wars Galaxies before SOE messed it up. SOE is no longer involved (I question whether that should be noted in the Sandbox List?). This is a grass roots project to reverse engineer the game to a point before SOE\’s mistakes. It still has a ways to go and there are bugs, so don\’t expect a polished game. However, the community is great and game play is still fun. There is no subscription, but you are required to track down a copy of the original game disks (usually obtainable for on EBay). Donations to the project are accepted to help fund the server, but not required.

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