Vote for Best Sandbox MMO 2015!

It’s that time of year again.  Time to vote for your favorite sandbox MMO of 2015.

Will it be Eve Online again?  Will Mortal Online break the top 10? Will Wurm Online finally win the title?  You decide. Vote today.

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17 thoughts on “Vote for Best Sandbox MMO 2015!

  1. Why is The Repopulation not in there? I mean I don’t think it would win or anything but a little love for them would be nice QQ

  2. The Repopulation is still in beta if I\\’m not mistaken.I will be adding a poll after January 1st of the MMO\\’s still in development that your most excited for. The Repopulation will definitely be in there.I got scared with those legal problems they were having with the engine, didn\\’t they lose a month of dev time because of that? I thought it may never be finished. Game looks better now though, a bit on the complicated side, but that can be a good thing.

  3. The owners of the engine the game is built on are currently having financial difficulties however if that company closes its doors the developers of The Repopulation get full open source access to the engine\\’s code which isn\\’t a \\”good\\” thing but it certainly means they won\\’t be up a certain creek without a paddle. Unfortunately everything is paused(on the players end) because the next patch they had ready to go is built on a new version of the engine that has not been given a final release.

  4. EVE always win this with WURM a second close. I hate that. I will agree that EVE is sandbox. However it is still not even close to wurm in the sandbox aspect. Even the world is mutable in wurm. EVEs universe is not. Just stuff can be added to an area. Why is mortal even with wurm? Its becoming more liner not sandbox.

  5. Mortal is becoming more sandbox. If you have not seen what can be done with TC, you wouldn\’t know. You can literally build your own player cities with spawn points for new players.

  6. MORTAL ONLINE is epic! If you ever played Morrwind and wanted it to play with others to test your skills then this is the game for you! It’s what elder scrolls online should have been!

  7. Is the mortal online download still insanely large? I seem to remember it being unusually large the last time I downloaded it.

  8. ROFL @ Mortal Online “winning”.

    What a joke. Someone obviously made 100 fake accounts. Silly Fanbois.

  9. I agree Arnold. It seems sandbox has become sinominus with…. Form a guild. Build a city with preset structures. Then form large scale PVP. Try building your city piece by piece. Wall by wall. Tool by tool. Then come back and say its sandbox. Wurm FTW

    1. You do build cities piece by piece and wall by wall. Mo has changed a lot, wurm is still a grind fest with combat from a mud.

  10. Aaaaaaaand The Repopulation just took it’s alpha servers off line for the foreseeable future. Blegh.

    1. It’s too bad, I kind of liked that game. The tutorial was WAY WAY WAY to complicated. I mean I remember the tutorial to SWG, and it took maybe 20 minutes, and it was kind of fun, and covered all the basics. The tutorial in the repopulation felt like a chore. But tutorial aside, if/when they fixed the glitches and bugs The Repopulation would have been a great game.

  11. Ryzom is an old game that came out two weeks before World of Warcraft. Due to lack of funds for advertising at the time, Ryzom was lost in the WoW phenomenon.I have recently discovered it in the past year. It is a beautiful world. A world to get lost in. A good lore. A friendly, helpful community. PvP, PvE, Crafter or Digger there is something for everyone in Ryzom.Play Ryzom or we give the noobs back their clothes. 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t say lack of advertising is what lead to Nervax’s (creators of The Saga of Ryzom) bankruptcy, rather it was financial policies failing to keep up with new software companies. I read a great article somewhere about how american software companies (Blizzard included) survived the tech bubble because the US allowed many costs of writing the program to be capitalized (added to the value of the asset) instead of international laws that expensed those same costs. So non-american companies all looked like money was flying out of their bank accounts and they could not get loans or more investors 🙁

  12. Personally, I am much in favor of Ryzom which is a real sandbox in my opinion, like Wurm. Many may disagree, but for me, only a game is real sandbox which allows the main elements of the game being played without compulsory PvP. That is not the case e.g. in Eve (all merits of Eve notwithstanding), and many other of the candidates as well. Thanks to for the poll allowing to vote and speak out, and a kind request to all voters not to cheat.Btw. I think the relatively unsuccessful performance of SoR as a mainstream game (compared to e.g. WoW) was not exclusively due to lack of funds (though that clearly played a role for Nevrax going bust). Rather the game was far too complex for the mainstream tastes. It prove to be a diehard as a niche game and may go on surviving as such.Mainstream games tend to have a phase when everything is new and relatively hard, then collective experince being on the rise and spoilers streaming in easing all tasks, later, when numbers of participants are decreasing, the salespeople pressing for \”making the game easier\”. At that point, experienced players are leaving en masse in frustration with the game slowly dying. The bankrupcies of Nevrax and Gameforge saved Ryzom from such sad fate of being trivialized. Therefore most of the playerhood are battle-hardened and resistant toward an \”easy\” game. Most interesting development is that not only the game engine and game client are open source but that even the development of new content is given to player volunteers in the \”Ryzom Forge\” project (which is still in an embryonic stadium). The future will show the results of those developments unique in the MMO world.

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