Updates on Xsyon

“The full original Xsyon map is close to being ready the public. Another large area of zones in nearly ready for patching and testing. Once that’s been submitted, there are around 150 zones that still need to be checked over and touched up. To put this into context there is a total of over 1000 land zones so we’re getting there and I may start opening up this terrain to the public before the final 150 zones are complete.”

Massive terrain expansion and the upcoming War System (for the War Server only) are on the Test Server. Xsyon is running a special promotion (50% off) this week to celebrate these upcoming big features! https://t.co/febG5UQp6z

— Xsyon (@XsyonApocalypse) February 9, 2022

Content retrieved from: https://massivelyop.com/2022/02/09/xsyon-is-not-dead-in-fact-devs-are-working-on-ui-maps-and-the-war-system/.