Even as December 2015 is fading into the distance, Star Citizen has a few words to say about the progress its team made during the last month of the year.

Among the accomplishments listed by the various team include stabilizing the Alpha 2.0 release, coming up with a better way to handle itemization, evaluating the performance of the Freelancer, releasing the EMP system, revamping the Constellation Andromeda, and drawing up early designs of the Xi’an Scout and MISC Reliant.

And just in case you thought the team was sitting on its thumbs, check out what the devs had to say about all of the work done to get the new alpha patches out: “Over the course of the month we deployed fourteen 2.0.0 builds to the PTU, one deployment of 2.0.0 to live and four 2.1.0 deployments to the PTU. Supporting these deployments was a significant undertaking.”

It’s a very long report from all of the Star Citizen studios, so sit back, read it from top to bottom, and try to wrap your head around what it takes to make a game of this complexity.

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