Shroud of the Avatar Update details collector’s box shipments, player-made books, Release 57 livestream

This week’s update from Shroud of the Avatar is all about collector’s box shipments, player-made books, and the recent Release 57 livestream. The main focus of the update is on the SotA collector’s boxes that are being shipped out to eligible backers. About 4,000 of the boxes have been shipped out in what the devs are internally calling Phase 1, and the post states that those boxes have been arriving as planned. However, about 700 players have yet to receive their boxes, and the post includes a troubleshooting checklist for backers to go through before contacting Portalarium directly. The update also talks about a livestream held earlier today focusing on player-made books, where players can check out all the neat things they can do with the customized writing items in the game.

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