That tall wall or cliff face that in other video games would represent an impassable barrier is nothing more than an adult-sized playground in Conan Exiles.

On Friday, the Conan Exiles dev team showed the first iteration of the game’s climbing system. As it exists in the most recent build, climbing allows characters to jump up and latch on to a vertical surface while doing a Spider-Man all of the way up. Of course, if you don’t watch your stamina, you could find yourself enjoying the existing gravity system with a vengeance. The team said that climbing uses the grit skill as well as a factor in how fast you use your stamina.

The team also posted a written Q&A yesterday on recipe filters, the July rebalancing patch, new effect types, the admin panel, elevators, and splash damage.

You can get a preview of the new climbing system after the break (the Tarzan antics begin around the 35-minute mark).

Source: YouTube

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