Sandbox List

Please post on the forums if know another sandbox MMO you want listed.

List of Sandbox MMO's
Name of GameGenreDeveloperCurrent State of the GameFee
A Tale in the DesertFantasy (Ancient Egypt)egenesisLiveSubscription
ArcheAgeFantasy XLGAMESLiveSubscription
CrowfallFantasyArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.AlphaSubscription and Buy to play
Darkfall OnlineFantasyAdventurineLiveSubscription
DawnTideFantasyWorking as IntendedAborted before going live
DeepWorld2D Steam Punk Side ScrollingBytebin LLCLiveFree to Play
EarthRiseSci-Fi Post ApocalypticMasthead StudiosLive
EdengradSci-Fi Post ApocalypticHuckleberry StudioAlphaUnknown
Entropia UniverseSci-FiMind ArkLiveMicro Transactions
Embers of CaerusFantasyForsaken StudiosAlpha
Ensemble OnlineMixed Fantasy and Modern DaySemiformal StudiosOpen BetaUnknown
Eve OnlineSci-FiCCP GamesLiveSubscription
IstariaFantasy CraftingVirtriumLiveFree to Play
FireFly Universe OnlineSci-Fi "FireFly Universe"Dark Cryo EntertainmentAlphaUnknown
First EarthModern Day Sci-FiAlpha
Greed MongerFantasyElectric Crow GamesAlpha Unknown
Heaven and HearthFantasyFredrik Tolf and Bj├Ârn JohannessenBeta
Infinity UniverseSci-FiInovae StudiosAlpha
Islands of WarFantasyNeojac EntertainmentOpen Beta
Life is FeudalFantasyAlpha
LinkRealmsFantasyMythyn InteractiveBetaFree to Play with Item Shop
Miner WarsSci-Fi Keen Software House(Playable) Alpha
Mortal OnlineFantasyStarVaultLIveSubscription
Origins of MaluSci-FiBurning Dog Media Alpha
PathFinder OnlineFantasyGoblinworksAlphaUnknown
PerpetuumSci-FiAvatar CreationsLiveSubscription
SalemColonialParadox InteractiveBetaFree to Play
The RepopulationSci-Fi Post ApocalypticAbove and Beyond TechnologiesAlpha
RyzomSci-FiLiveFree to Play
Savage HorizonFantasySnail GameAlpha
Second LifeModern Day FantasyLinden LabLiveMicro Transactions
Shores of HazeronSci-FiSoftware Engineering, Inc.Dead Game Out of Funding
Shroud of the AvatarFantasyPortalarium, Inc.In DevelopmentUnknown
StarWars GalaxiesSci-FiSony Online EntertainmentClosedSubscription
World of WizardsFantasySmash PotatoAlpha (possibly vaporware)
StarQuestSci-FiCastlethorn SoftwareLiveSubscription
Topia OnlineFantasy IsometricLiveFree to Play
Wind of LuckColonial PiratesTrazzy EntertainmentBetaFree to Play
Wurm OnlineFantasyCode ClubLiveFree to Play
Ultima OnlineFantasyElectronic ArtsLiveSubscription
Wind of LuckColonial PiratesTrazzy EntertainmentBetaFree to Play
XsyonSci-Fi Post ApocalypticNotorious GamesLiveSubscription

664 thoughts on “Sandbox List

    • I’m going to wait a bit before adding 0X10c. Judging from what I see on the website and forum its still to soon to know exactly if this game will be released as a sandbox. Also this list is for a list of sandbox MMO’s. This game looks like it’s just singleplayer/multiplayer.

      Thanks for the hot tip though..

  1. Someone should write an article on the definition of a sandbox. I recently saw one of those dime a dozen Asian theme-parks say it was sandbox because it had craft-able clothes and armor. Personally, I think the player needs to be able to permanently change the environment (housing, forts, terrain), but I have heard others say that it shouldn’t have a quest plot line (player driven content). PVP is a whole nother arguement.

    • The gray means they’ve already been clicked on and the red means you have yet to click on that link. No special reason… If you delete your cookies you’ll probably find they’re all red.

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  7. The links for A Tale in the Desert and Ryzom are not working properly, they link to etc. Thought you might like to know

  8. Please add Afterworld: Survival into the list. It\’s free to play and currently under live development. It has been establised since 2006 and has recently undergone a transfer to a new gaming engine.

  9. You should add Albion Online to the list, it’s a mmorpg in development that aims for closed beta around autumn

  10. Gloria Victis is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) with a great focus on classic roleplay. The world is inspired by the medieval Europe and Near East with fantasy elements such as mythical creatures from Slavic folklore.

    Gloria Victis will operate on a non-target combat system. The player will have to aim and attack in the right direction and from the right distance. The missiles will follow the laws of physic and will not be homing. Dexterity and tactics will matter in combat.

    Player will have freedom in building their character using special stats and skills, but we will generate ready paths for those players, who’d rather follow something premade.

    Magic in GV will be an elite skill that only few will possess. It will be mostly based on illusion, alchemy and occultism.

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  11. can you please add the data in which each one of those games were added to the list? this way becomes easier for us to search for “new” sandboxes. believe me, some of us do relly on that list ­čśŤ

  12. How about Divergence Online? Its still in its closed Alphas, but from what I\’ve seen it looks like its going to be a pretty successful game once its finished.

  13. Hey all,
    Just quick up date, Life is Feudal has a Indiegogo campaign going, just started today. If you like sandbox games it’s surely one to take a look at. Well it’s still ticking along, head over to the Indiegogo campaign to take a look.

  14. Life is Feudal: historical/medieval MMORPG, 100% sandbox – player driven content, full loot open world pvp, full world terraforming. Currently in pre-alpha state. Going to be buy2play model, with a free2play starter island, no subscription.

  15. Hello, I was Hoping you could add our newest project to your list. it is Called EverEmber 2.0. Its Retro 2D styled MMORPG, Its currently in Open Alpha Phase. Download at: skywardens. com/downloads

  16. I am sick to death of mmo and pvp. You cant spit without hitting a game designed around pvp or that has had pvp shoehorned into it. Of the games that do have potential, there is no option to host your own for you and your friends to go off and harvest and build as you like. The games that seem to come close to what I\\’m looking for are Wurm online, and Heaven and Hearth. But neither have servers available. Minecraft, terraria, they feel like watching a cartoon. That absolutely kills the immersion for me. If RUST focussed as much on the crafting adn building as it does on the pewpew, it would be a contender.So, sandbox with deep resource gathering/crafting/building and able to host ones own server (server emulators need not apply here). Does it exist?

    • I believe Life is Feudal is what you’re looking for. It’s currently in early alpha, but is really good considering and there is currently only player run servers with the same small world with max 64 players and some official LiF servers with the same player limits but I believe there will be large official servers once the game is ready for it but I don’t see a reason why your own servers would not be supported after that. Keep in mind that it’s still in early alpha and has a lot of optimizing to do and stuff to implement. Seems like a very promising sandbox MMO.

  17. isn’t “Life is Feudal” a sandbox title? From my understanding it’s going to be very similar to Wurm Online, except with physics based combat, definitely worth looking into.

  18. You should prolly Add Project Gorgon. It’s a skill based sandbox fantasy MMo in open beta. Definetly worth a spot on the list

  19. I think you missed LinkRealms, probably because its hardly advertised anywhere, but its a very good sandbox inspired probably from ultima online since graphs style and bag style are similar and they currently got closed beta on a new full loot pvp server that is intended to be the final release server it seems

  20. Factions is another missing from this list. It will be an amazing Sandbox MMO commited to a world dominated by the players with absolutely nothing pre-built, no questlines etc…

  21. TUG, The Repopulation, Worlds Adrift, Albion Online, Realm Zero, Black Desert, Shards Online, Life is Feudal, Peria Online, Crowfall, Revival all seem to be missing and are sandbox MMO’s at various stages of development.

  22. Nice list! I know it must be hell to keep it updated.
    For your information Perpetuum is now B2P and Salem has a new website address since they’re no longer published by Paradox. Go find it! I’m not allowed to post it here.

  23. Please Add Empyrion very promising sandbox game and i am missing Planet Explorers also in the list.
    Might even Add ARK as it has a lot of sandbox elements
    earthrise is now free to play but its completely dead as far as i have seen.
    Shores of hazeron is restarted but is now subscription based

    Thx for maintaining this list and the site

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