Rustfall Medieval RPG is leaving Beta – Pre-Season Begins Today – September 6th, 6PM EST

Rustfall Medieval RPG is leaving Beta – Pre-Season Begins Today – September 6th, 6PM EST

Hello, for those who’ve expressed interest in the Rustfall Project in the past: After 7 Weeks of Beta, we’re finally transitioning to our Season 0 (Pre-Season phase) later today, beginning on September 6th, 6PM EST. This change puts Permanence into effect. To find out more, feel free to join the Discord or watch the Videos below. I hope to see some of you there!

Pre-Season Project Update Video:
Beta Development Recap Video:
Discord (425 Users):

– Our already-implemented feature list:

  • “Dark Fantasy Medieval RPG Rust Server”

  • Emphasis on Open-World, Emergent RPG Gameplay

  • Monthly Documented Video Player Saga w/ Evolving RPG Story

  • End Of Season Reward Points Redeemable for Unique (Non-P2W) Perks

  • Village-Building, Civilization, Townships

  • Territory Tile Control, Home Tiles, Conquest, War Declarations, Blitzes, Siege Protection

  • RPG Progression: 40 Levels, 100 Soul Levels, 64 RPG Skills, 4 Attributes, 30 Abilities

  • Karma System: -1000 Dreaded to +1000 Noble Karma Tied Into The Game

  • Custom-Skinned, NPC-Based PVE, Tiers of Difficulty, Bosses, World Bosses

  • Archery, Melee, Magic, Mounted Combat only: All Military Entities Removed

  • New-Player Enhancements, Tutorial Area, 48 Hour Free Siege Protection

  • Player-Run, Gold-Based Economy, Auction House, 3 Types of Gambling

  • Fishing, Farming, Taming, Gathering Levels, Animal Husbandry

  • Rideable Horses, Mount Caravans, Mounted Combat

  • Regionalized Resources, Natural Resource Clusters

  • Dynamic Events: Treasure Hunts, Gather Hotzones, Treasure Maps, Meteor Showers

  • Relic System with One-Of-A-Kind Weapons w/ Clan-Wide Bonuses

  • Questing System

  • Limited Teleportation w/ Cost Associated

  • Sieging: Satchels, Beancans, Catapults, Melee, Fire Arrows

  • Raid Notifications / Anti-Offline Raiding

  • Anti-Hack / Multiple Active Admins / No Tolerance Policies

  • Dozens of QOL Features

– Our features in active development:

– Custom Monuments: Castles, Towns, Camps, Villages, Witch Hovels
– Custom/Skinned Items w/ RPG Stats
– Player Justice System w/ Jails and Jailbreaks
– Bounty Hunting for Blue Karma Players
– Assassinations for Red Karma Players
– Endgame Outpost Raids for Blue and Red Players
– In-Depth Religion System- Cults and Curses
– Sea Content Expansion, Viking Ships, Custom Boats, Sealife
– Lore NPC’s, Roaming & Static- Full Medieval Conversion
– In-Depth Questing, In-Depth Gathering- Arenas, Coliseums
– Thievery / Lockpicking / Investigation
– Gambling rings / Other Vice Indulgence
– Ballistas / Molotov Cocktails
– Optimizations
– Much More with time

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