Reddit Post: List of upcoming PVP focused MMO

Yup, it’s a top ten list. But here it is in text form for you friends and if you want to see footage of these games, check this list out in video form right here VIDEO TOP TEN UPCOMING PVP MMO

But to stir conversation I want to write each game out with a description and if there is a game I missed feel free to contribute.

Game List Below:

  1. Star Citizen: I don’t have to say anything at all. It’s SC
  2. Crowfall: This game sounds weird. It uses a character based class system instead of the deep customization we are used to in most western MMO, it has voxel destruction, utilizes an open world instanced campaign system “if that even makes sense” but the game looks awesomely fun and all these features, even if they end up being half baked, are still unique to the genre and I’d love to try it out ASAP.
  3. Camelot Unchained: Graphics need improvement in my opinion but its very early. This is the name that really spearheaded largescale pvp and the FvFvF type of PvP. Could flop and it scares me they aren’t going f2p as that means they are cashing in on their niche, but Albion Online also dropped their f2p plans so maybe this is just the way these games need to exist. Either way, I don’t have too much to say about this game its about 80 percent hype.
  4. Albion Online: While Albion Online is cross platform with mobile devices, it still has lots of skill shots and “mechanics” to compete with others in this emerging genre of MMOBA. Albion Online feels like Runescape, but actually focusing on PVP instead of Quests. Build islands, houses, castles, kingdoms and wage large scale guild warfare or Player Kill solo in the black lands. Cute graphics, but this game is anti-carebear.
  5. Das Tal: This is the game that inspired me making the list. No classes but instead abilities work based on armor set and weapons, though you can also learn utility skills separate which reminds me of GW2. Feels like they took the combat mechanics of a game like League of Legends, and put it into an MMO world without the gimmicks of creeps and other MOBA qualities. Just the pure game feel of combat though I’ll admit its netcode needs to be vastly improved for it to feel like League of Legends.
  6. Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade: Planetside meets Warhammer 40k. That is the vision at least but its far from its goal.
  7. Gloria Victis: Gloria Victis is like a good Mortal Online without the magical elements. Low fantasy, and will be free to play, so they are sticking to simpler tactics and not getting in over their heads. I played in pre-alpha when it was near garbage, and it is MUCH better now and being free is going to build some hype.
  8. Chronicles of Elyria: Early Access crowdfunded game, so probably too much hype, but this game might settle into being a good replacement for the lackluster medieval pvp games we have that maybe can’t even be considered “MMO” with servers capped at 20 or 60. This game will be a full fledged MMO, with a feudal system in place too. High Fantasy elements exist.
  9. Screeps: The one true MMORTS, you literally program your units and they persist and follow your orders even when you log out. Minimalistic art but out of all the games like “Game of War” that claim to be MMORTS, this one really feels like a genuine entry into the genre.
  10. Crush Online: Faction VS Faction VS Faction fighting over an overworld which is made up of chained together areas that feel like arenas. Very MOBA inspired gameplay even with creeps in the overworld. PVE does exist to a small extent but very PVP focused gameplay overall.

Forgot to mention the new Darkfall MMO’s, but all in all a useful list.