Public Playtest – 29th of August 6pm UTC – Defend The Valley

Public Playtest – 29th of August 6pm UTC – Defend The Valley

TL’DR: We are hosting a limited duration sneak preview and stress test on Saturday the 29th of August at 6pm UTC, running for 3 hours (at least, might leave the server running for longer. Be the first players to defeat our deadly AI enemies, and face their powerful leader in a final battle. Collect loot from meteorite and pack animal random events. Massive PvP/PvE combined fights guaranteed. This is a public test, so bring your friends! Download the game and create a temporary account with the key DEFENDER (on Saturday).

A Tale from the Valley

Apart from the struggles between inhabitants, the valley has been reasonably calm. That changes today! Workers who fell to the sickness of the valley years ago are have begun to venture from their lairs!

As if this was not enough, the dictator from the city above has caught wind that those she banished are not only surviving, but becoming a serious threat. Patrols, lead by a fearsome commander, have been sent to sweep the valley and eliminate any valley dwellers they find. They have even set up their first strongholds in the once peaceful valley.

It’s time for you to come back and show those outsiders who really rules the valley. Defend your home land and grow stronger by taking their essences.


The devs fighting “Rah’Nos the Ancient” for the first time. Can you beat him?

All the Details

We are having an event to test out our new AI on Saturday the 29th of August at 6pm UTC! That is 11 AM on the west coast, 2 PM on the east coast and 8 pm in central europe.

We have done a lot of internal testing, and there have been many casualties. Players are not the only risk to look out for anymore. We have added 8 different kinds of monsters all over the valley and we’re planning a massive boss fight toward the end of the test. So come around, give the game another try and make sure to stick around long enough to do your part in defending the valley (or backstab the defenders … your choice).

We have decided that this is also a good time to do another stress test. We have new features and further work has been done to improve things like lag, so it is a good time to check how it all holds up, before we move on to 24/7 servers. For that reason, anyone will be able to participate in this playtest. Your brother, your mother, your family dog. All they need to do is use the key DEFENDER to create a new account on Saturday. This code can be entered at the account creation screen, in the game itself.

For New Testers

This is what you can do to get up to speed on the game:

  • Read the tester info page on the web site.
  • Go through the basic readme (slightly outdated).
  • Check our blog for recent changes to the game.
  • Study the current weapon and armor abilities.
  • Study the siege system.
  • Download the game client & teamspeak.
  • Patch the client and start the game.
  • Create a temporary account with the key DEFENDER.
  • Wait for the game servers to open up (Saturday at 6PM UTC!).
  • Log into the game, create a character and use the Help channel if you need assistance.
  • Join us in teamspeak: ( for voice chat.

Event Registration Tool

Our very own development supporter Seonnyn has been amazing enough to put together a scheduling tool for us to use for playtests! This will be the first time we use it, so let us know if you have any issues, but it should make it easier to organise things and keep track of numbers. Please head over to the tool and sign up for the test, it is very straight forward and it will help us to gauge interest in this test and bring a big enough game server.