If the core SWG emulator and its many spinoffs aren’t to your liking, Darklight SWG might be.

Lead developer Jameson “Levarris” Connors explained to us that his team’s goal is to build on the core emu for Star Wars Galaxies without the limitations of pre-CU or NGE. “Over the course of the past year and a half we have been slowly working to completely reshape the entire game by creating an absolutely new combat system with role based profession systems that are completely balanced,” he says, likening his emu to “SWG 2.0.”

The setting is a new one for emulators too: It begins one year after Return of the Jedi rather than between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, which means it ties in better with the new trilogy. “As a result, virtually everything in the game has had to be changed to reflect this new point in the timeline: The Rebellion replaced with the New Republic, the Empire in disarray as it struggles to maintain control in the prelude to the Battle of Jakku.”

One caveat: SWG’s emulators aren’t officially sanctioned by Daybreak or Disney but have seemingly been allowed to exist ever since the NGE. This particular emu is in pre-alpha, but you can check out some of the trailers below.