H1Z1’s Future

I wanted to let you all know where we are headed as a team. The H1Z1 team continues to grow and we’re concentrating on continuing to fix bugs, add new features and gaining the upper hand on cheaters. We’re making good progress in all of these areas I’m happy to say.
Week after week we hope you’re seeing the game get better. Sure there are the occasional setbacks, but we’re going in a very positive direction and we’re doing our best to communicate with the community on a constant basis. I hope you’re feeling that and it’s our desire to keep that going and make it even better.
We’re trying to be as transparent as humanly possible while still keeping a sane schedule. I’m proud to say this development team has a life outside of work, and we’re striving to keep that balance in the right place. We love making this game and we love playing it.
We have lots of very large features coming. Very significant improvements to base building are coming… including Guard towers, catwalks, 50 cal gun emplacements… windows…. and a whole lot more fun things. We’re also going to be concentrating on making bases more secure and making the building process a lot easier.
We’re also going to be spending a lot of time improving zombie AI and you can expect a lot smarter zombies and different types in the near future.
Also you can expect weather to come back in the near future. It’s not on the roadmap because it’s a larger task, but it’s coming.
We’re not ignoring the bugs we have and the usability of the game in general. We’re not using the excuse “It’s Early Access Alpha”.. we play the game too and the same stuff that annoys you annoys us as well.
We also have Professions coming later this month. Those are going to be a game changer because it’s going to allow for more character development and a much more unique set of skills that can allow groups to really come together in far different ways.
What is the future of H1Z1?
Our goal remains to have a massive world. We’re doing that with Forgelight 2, which has been in development for quite a while now. We’ll be able to show stuff to you soon, but needless to say we’re super excited by what we’re seeing. It’s truly going to give us the 16,000 square kilometer world we’ve been waiting for. We want the world of H1Z1 to truly be a world. One where you can build your own cities and settlements, or take over one if you can hold it.
We want it to be a hostile world where the threats come not just from zombies and wildlife, but from other players as well.
This isn’t a pipe dream. Everything we’re building has been towards this goal. All the features we’re adding are being added with an eye firmly on that goal.
We’re adding more people to the team to accelerate our progress. We see the realities of the commercial world we live in, and it’s too easy for Early Access games to go the way of many flavors of the month. We’re in this for the long haul and we’re putting the resources behind the game to make sure it’s clear to you too. When we see other games come out and take the wind out of our sails sometimes it just makes us redouble our efforts. Don’t think for a second we plan on laying down. Quite the opposite in fact. It inspires us to make our game better. That’s not just rhetoric… we’re trying our best to demonstrate it every week. We’re not slowing down for a second.
We also have some exciting announcements coming soon about what we’re going to be doing with Team BR (which is coming towards the end of the month). We see this as an important part of H1Z1 and we are doubling down on that too.
Please know this game means a lot to this team. We are trying to give you a lot of value for your money, and we hope you see that week after week the game improves. Not perfectly. Not without mistakes and bugs, but we’re spending time trying to fix them and that effort will continue, as will the fight against the cheaters.
We now have 100% detection of most of the major cheats. We’ll be turning on auto-banning and you can expect some new weapons to be unleashed in this war, making it harder if not impossible for them to return to the game, something that’s long been a problem for PC games in general.
Just wanted you to know we’re running an ultra-marathon here and if you leave to go play another game, poke your head in a few weeks later and see what you see.



Black Desert is exiting its Korean open beta this month. Developer Pearl Abyss and publisher Daumwill be merging all the game’s servers into a single megashard “and perhaps a multiple channel system,” Steparu reports.

He goes on to summarize his experience with the fantasy sandbox after nearly a year of playing its various beta stages, and it’s not all positive. “Class balancing is horrible,” he writes, while the enchanting system “is starting to become pay-to-win because you can now break down cash outfits for tokens that give enchanting bonuses.” Steparu also says that Black Desert features no group PvE content, and that most of his gameplay involves PvP.



Everquest Next: Producer’s Letter June 2015


I wanted to take a few minutes (and words!) to recap what’s happened over the past few weeks and give everyone an update on what to expect moving forward!

So, what’s been going on with team? The month of May was pretty much all about the big character and claim wipe, and then fixing issues that were introduced or discovered immediately afterward. Things have mostly settled down and the team is hot on the heels of the remaining high priority bugs. As soon as we get them fixed, we’ll get them out as soon as we can.

As the team has wrapped up the various pieces related to the wipe and the bugs associated with it, we have been shifting our focus and resources over to work on the highest priority tasks and systems that will be used in EverQuest Next. While we do this, we’re working in areas with high amounts of creative risk. This means that while we know what we want to do, we know it will take an unknown amount of iteration, tweaking and sometimes drastic direction changes to get these in game and working the way they need to. Because of this, we simply cannot commit to any dates, because until we get much closer, even our best estimates are educated (but still fairly wild) guesses.

This also does mean that any features that are Landmark-only are lower in priority and will have to wait until we have time to come back to them. So, as we shift our focus and development to EQN, it just doesn’t make sense to continue with the Blueprint, since the goal of that has always been to provide short term, concrete plans of what you could expect and when, and that isn’t something we can reliably estimate at this point. When we have a better idea of timing on the various pieces, we will make sure to let everyone know.

This does *not* mean that the team isn’t hard at work on things that will eventually make it into your hands. We *absolutely* are! Essentially, as we develop tasks and systems that are in a state fit for Landmark, we will get them into the game with an update. We still want and need your feedback on what we’re making in order to make sure both Landmark and EverQuest Next are as amazing as we all want them to be. You can fully expect updates and hotfixes to Landmark as we continue with this development process; they are simply going to be on a less regular schedule than you guys have been accustomed to over the past year or so.

Landmark and the player community are very important to us and will continue to be essential in the development of EverQuest Next, exactly as we’ve promised from the very beginning. In fact, here’s a quick peek at how we’re using some of the amazing creations you all have made as we build EverQuest Next.


This is only the first small glimpse of what’s to come and I look forward to seeing how everything comes together as EverQuest Next continues to take shape over the rest of the year and beyond. Also, before anyone asks, I want to clarify that although we are shifting our primary focus to EverQuest Next, this does not mean the game will be coming out this year.

We WILL be continuing with the Workshops, so keep an eye out for those! And when we have a bigger update, we’ll also schedule a Landmark Live to get together and chat like we have in the past! More fun times are definitely ahead! :)

Whenever we have information to share, we’ll continue to keep everyone up to date on the forums, twitter, reddit, Facebook and any of the other usual means of communication. Make sure to check in regularly to find out what’s going on with the games and with the entire team (both the employees AND the community)!

Terry “Fairan” Michaels
Senior Producer – Landmark and EverQuest Next

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