Ashes of Creation – Dev Diaries – Animation

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Mortal Online PVP video

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RUNE II: Loki’s Ages of Ragnarok Spotlight

This game appears to be a bit like Skyrim, but with multiplayer. Looks cool. Please let me know what you think.

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Wurm Online Updates



The next update is scheduled for the 27th of June, and has a specific change planned for it. With this update we’ll be removing the ability for Legendary creatures to be located via any location method, GetInfo, Reveal creatures (cast and rune) and pendulums will no longer be able to find Legendary creatures. In addition, we will be changing the Legendary creature spawn requirements to be able to spawn anywhere (with a buffer around deeds). This is a short term solution to come in this update, with a much larger rework planned, although no firm timeframe when as we have Frontier and Epic to work on next.

The vote is in!
As you may have all seen, the vote about the reset of Elevation is a landslide! We approached with the intention of weighting towards caution but it’s a clear 10:1 split in favour of resetting it.

As such, we have begun the process of organising our resources to have Elevation reset. the planned dates are:
Server goes down 9th July
Server goes up with new map 11th July

The reason for this is all the behind the scenes database work, as the new Elevation will contain some specific changes to the server (items not transferring and such).

A sneak peek this week (heh) is the new shadow system coming soon! With the current shadows being very faint and most items looking like they dont have one, Samool has been working on improving that, and it certainly shows!


Indy event
The independence event will be launching next Friday, and will run the entire month of July! It will not be a one off time event, but much like the midsummers event of the past, where you can run it at any time.
A small villager of the Howl, Julia has found out Independence is 10 years old, and wants to throw a party! She’ll need your help though, you’ll have to travel around and invite a whole bunch of people, with 4 stages!

If you invite 1-3, you will get a common version of the reward, 4-6 you will get a rare, 7-9 you will get a supreme, and if you invite all 10, a fantastic version! We’ll have info on the start date next week!

Community Content
This weeks community content is wiluss with their back to nature project!

Wiluss is travelling around terraforming some areas to give them more of a natural look. You can see their work on this forum thread here!

Nice work Wilus!

That’s it from us this week everyone, I hope to see many of you this Saturday, makes it far less awkward than talking to an empty room, I’ve checked. Until then though, keep on Wurming!

Retrograde & the Wurm team

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Conan Exiles has delayed its illegal structure wipe and plans to re-enable Avatar summoning

Oh my!

While this is pretty decidedly sad news for players who might lose some elements of structures, the good news is that the patch will also include a fix to the Shrine protection bug that will allow Avatar summoning to be re-enabled once more. So you’ll potentially lose some structures, but in retaliation you can summon the wrath of a deity to crush the world. That’s fair, right?

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Gloria Victis. Current balance.

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Abstract Era Entertainment announces new sandbox MMO Seconds from Silence

The game claims to offer players complete freedom to forge their own roles in the world, from mercenaries, thieves, blacksmiths, and alchemists to paladins, pirates, vampires, and vampire hunters. Seconds from Silence cites the Elder Scrolls and Witcher series as inspirations, and it promises players varied opportunities to shape the world around them by constructing their own houses, camps, and castles or politicking for power over cities, guilds, and even entire kingdoms.

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