Last Oasis maps out 2020 content, plans another year of early access

“Considering we still plan on being in Early Access for at least a year from now, so we’ll definitely still be working on the game! We don’t want to give any hints at when full release will happen, but we absolutely plan on seeing it through to that and beyond. [tentative] oh my god karen you can’t just ask a studio about their funding.”

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Dual Universe PvP Multiplayer Shows Off the MMO’s Impressive Scale


In terms of explaining Dual Universe, it’s a bit like if you took the open-world sci-fi setting of EVE Online, mixed that with the crafting and building of No Man’s Sky and Space Engineers, and put it all inside of a massive, seamless, single-server MMO with a full-on sandbox structure. That’s a complex elevator pitch, but it seems pretty accurate from what I’ve seen. Players can do everything from exploring planets on foot to terraforming environments to create their own spacecraft, and even manipulating the entire galactic economy. On paper this is about as pure of a player-driven sandbox as I’ve seen yet.

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Legends of Aria Launch Festival

It’s official – Legends of Aria has officially launched out of Early Access, with version 1.0 now available on both Steam and our Standalone Client!This milestone is accompanied by a massive content update in the form of Point Release 10: The Frozen Tundra. Included in this update are the new Frozen Tundra landmass, challenging new enemies, a variety of new tamable creatures, changes to the ways professions work and different skills complement each other, and a deep lore system that fleshes out the world of Celador.We are dubbing this the Celadorian New Year, and will celebrate with a host of festivities in-game. All players will receive a 30 gem bonus upon completing their daily login reward task, ending on the final day of our in-game launch festival on Monday, July 13th. In addition, we’ve further expanded on our login rewards to celebrate: every day that a player logs in through the final day of the festival they will receive one hour of double skill gains.

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Sandbox MMO News


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