The 10th issue of Camelot Unchaineds Unveiled newsletter is filled with tidbits on lore, design, the community, patch notes, and more. There’s even mention of a dragon and screenshots of a village created in C.U.B.E. It’s a pretty lengthy read, so if your time is limited, here’s a sampling of what you’ll find.

There’s plenty of talk about archers alongside designs showing the models of the giant races. The update section includes notes on the addition of modifier components, heavenly bodies (we’re talking about the sun, moon, and stars in the sky here!), and colored lights in C.U.B.E. as well as the implementation of global values to player speed on hills, maximum hit and stamina points, and falling damage. Ambiance enthusiasts might enjoy perusing this month’s developer spotlight that falls on Daniel Beck; he discusses the creation process for CU’s music and sounds. And the proffered lore is a rewriting of a Becoming story, entitled The Becoming – Hamadryads.

We warned you it was a mouthful! Hungry for even more details? For that, you’ll need to read the full newsletter for yourself.


H1Z1: 27 May Update


Patch Notes:

Hardcore Battle Royale Improvements

Hardcore BR now includes zombies, bears and night vision goggles. Reduced minimum starting players to 64. The match can now take place at night and includes a Hardcore Elite Bag containing new unique items.

A list of known issues with Hardcore BR:

  • Icon missing from new elite bag
  • Currently there are no doors
  • Currently there are no vehicles or compass, this is intended for testing as we want to see how it effects the gameplay of hardcore mode

Other Additions and Fixes

  • Footwear has been added to the Battle Royale spawns.
  • Male and Female character models now have alternate head models to choose from.
  • New and improved female movement animations.
  • Fixed cases of loading screen freezing.
  • Zombies now respond to all acoustic signatures including: ethanol/bio fuel explosions, grenades/molotovs, red hazard barrel explosions, landmines/IEDs, vehicle explosions
  • Potential fix for bows getting stuck in ironsights
  • Arrows fired from a recurve bow and crossbow now properly bounce off materials they are not meant to stick in, such as metal or stone.
  • Molotovs now properly set players and NPCs on fire. This effect will last for a few seconds when outside of the fire.
  • Grenade/Molotov explosions should be more responsive now on high pop servers.
  • Battle Royale: Arrow bundles will now spawn near the crossbow
  • Lip sync mouth movement to voice chat
  • Vehicles: Occupants will be able to shoot from within vehicles. Currently it’s only the passengers who can shoot from within the car. The player in the driver seat cannot. Occupants can now be hit from people outside the vehicle.
  • Boots now have a small resistance to punji stick damage
  • Crossbows and recurve bows can now be repaired with repair kits.
  • Fixed issue where character doesn’t appear in BR chute

Thank you to all the people who helped with reports on the Test Server!

Test server fixes.

  • Fixed: Issue preventing placement of furnace, storage and workbenches on a foundation.
  • Fixed: Invisible Bio-fuel bug
  • Fixed: Crash issue when running over zombies with vehicle.
  • Fixed: Unable to pickup items in the world.

The Repopulation May Newletter

Greetings from The Repopulation

Hello and welcome to our monthly newsletter for The Repopulation with recent news and updates.

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All packages 25% off through June 2

All packages are now 25% off on both our website and on Steam through June 2nd. We also have package upgrade options on our website for those who already own a package through Steam or our website. You can find both in our Early Access Section on our website

We also have a new chart breaking down each package now on our website if you need to refresh your memory on what is available.

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May 22, 2015
New Website, Teaser Video, and Release

The past few weeks have been a very busy one with the introduction of our new website. Mostly a smaller visual update we hope you enjoy it. More work will be done on the forum soon offering a better looking and more mobile friendly version. You can view the new Teaser video by check out the website as well or clicking here.

We also released the internal Feature Complete (Beta) and Release dates. Feature Complete is scheduled toward mid/end of Summer and Release for Q4 of 2015.

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15.4.1 build is Released

15.4.1 is the latest build and was released May 14. The patch seen the introduction of nation cloning facilities, transportation terminals, and a new properties Window for structures. The UI revamp was mostly completed, combat received more tweaks, a diplomacy and hacking minigame was introduced, new group/raid content, and the usual slew of bug fixes and updates including some more recent login issues.

The next Patch (15.5.1) is currently tentatively scheduled for June 4th. If you haven’t checked out the game in a few months might want to fire up Steam and give it a go.

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The Repopulation is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The action takes place on the planet Rhyldan, with the only known remaining human population fighting for their very existence. The indigenous life forms did not meet their colonization efforts with open arms. Worse yet, humans have managed to splinter themselves into warring factions.

It is a sandbox oriented MMORPG with an eye on innovation. Rather than forcing players down preset paths they are instead allowed to walk the path which they enjoy the most. With a variety of combat oriented and non-combat activities to pursue, we believe we’ve created a game that can stand the test of time.

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