Crowfall unveils Hunger Dome PvP tournament, New features in April ACE Q&A

Of course, if you’re not really interested in all this esports stuff, the April ACE Q&A broadcast also recently premiered, which talked up the tournament as well as the game’s recent publish, which re-introduces factories that lets players create copies of a template item (with some caveats like the template item taking a durability hit with each copy), and some import/export changes such as the addition of an equippables only rule and making export tokens a limited number guild reward.

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Battlebox Game Myth Of Empires Is Holding A Global Alpha Test April 15th


Calling all testers!

Myth of Empires will be holding a global closed alpha test starting on April 16, 2021 at 2AM GMT. The test is planned to run through April 23, 2021.

Apply to participate in the test here:

As this is a closed alpha test, registration will be limited. Participants in this test will be required to use Discord so that they can submit feedback and bug reports in the alpha test channels on our Discord server.

Join our Discord server:

Registration is limited, though if you do not get into the test on the first day, don’t fret; we will be letting more people into the test as it progresses.

There is no NDA for this test, so feel free to make content, stream, and tell others about your experience with the game.

We are very excited to finally be sharing Myth of Empires with players. This game is a major passion project for us, and we’re looking forward to your feedback. Thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown so far!

–The Myth of Empires Team

Gloria Victis upgraded their engine, promises increased performance.

Game client upgraded to the new engine version!
Dear players,

Today, after a few months of running two versions of the game simultaneously we are officially switching to an upgraded engine version of the game on the client-side.

Many players are already playing on the upgraded version for some time, and thanks to their feedback and reports, we know that especially at the biggest battles the stability and FPS are much better. We are not aware of any regressions at this moment, but if you will find any, please let us know as soon as possible either via Discord or the in-game bug report tool.

Moving to an upgraded engine version allows us to improve the game both, graphically and stability-based, so keep your fingers crossed and we are counting on your cooperation!

Disclaimer: Due to the engine upgrade, some players may get their settings set to default. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Conan Exiles’ new PTS build adds more landmass to Siptah, a spider god religion, and combat updates

The PTS update has more than just people bowing down to Zath the Spider-God (which also brings related item sets, placeables, NPCs, and “tons and tons of little critters”). The update has also brought savannah, ashlands, and floodlands biomes along with improved lighting and skyboxes to Siptah; introduced a variety of core combat adjustments like reduced mounted combat damage, dodge improvements, re-balanced bows and arrows, one-handed combat in water, and the end of stamina drain while swimming; and added a work-in-progress character transfer service to let players move their character from server to server. Players can get all the details in the patch notes.

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