Conan Exiles: Trebuchet Guide (Raid T2 Stonebrick & Lv 15!) 8.9.17

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Albion Online Scandal!

Iron Bank – Board of Directors: Final Message

by 1 day
Is there a real world shadow syndicate of Chinese gangster secretly pulling the strings and creating conflict in Albion Online, to sell more game gold?
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Darkfall:Serruk fight – RoA – REIGN

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Shroud of the Avatar’s latest newsletter has plenty of business business business, but the highlights are always the developers’ diaries on various locations and scenes being worked on in the game. Case in point: Today’s newsletter features a wagonload of screenshots of Etceter and South Paladis.

Etceter is referenced in the Tracy Hickman novel attached to the game; it needed more Greco-Roman ruin influences, the roads and walls mentioned in the book, natural paths and hidey-holes, and the general feeling of hard times and post-invasion “developed decay.” South Paladis, on the other hand, is getting two new original scenes in release 45 later this month: Middle Downs, with its burial mounds and abandoned villages, and South Broken Road, with its crumbly, rocky river and creepy quest. We’ve collected all the images down below.

There’s just one more day left to invest in Portalarium’s SeedInvest campaign; the fund broke the $600,000 mark not long after hitting $500,000 earlier this week

Source: Newsletter
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Crowfall Patch 5.3 Livestream Marathon Edit – Campaign Mechanics, Skill Trees, Cleric Class

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Conan Exiles – THE FROZEN NORTH Free Expansion Update

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Interacting with objects is a pretty core part of playing Crowfall. Some of these interactions are rather straightforward, like interacting with an arrow when it’s flying toward your face. Others are a bit more subtle, and they’ve previously been based on pushing a button within a certain range. While this worked much of the time, the latest update to the game explains that it didn’t always work when two objects had a similar field of influence. So now, you just target things.

When you’re within range of an object you can interact with, you’ll have a little targeting reticle; once you’ve aimed it at the object you want, you press the button and go. A few objects are still proximity-based, but those are the exception. Interactions now also move faster, so players should have an easier time choosing what they want to interact with and making it happen right away instead of eventually. You’ll also have more state interactions with object, so you can’t rebuild walls in stealth or capture a keep in the middle of combat. All reasonable changes, although the Ninja Architectural Guild may have some objections.

Source: Official Site
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