NetEase’s survivalbox Once Human readies a November beta test and projects a Q4 2023 launch window

In addition to the showcase video and announcement, Once Human appears to be confident enough that it’s granting a launch window of sometime in the fourth quarter of 2023. Of course, this can always change, but there’s at least a rough timeline for fans to follow. Until then, the game is still taking names for beta, talking up its gameplay features, and sharing some new images which can be seen below.

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Fallout 76 makes further changes to battle bots, expeditions, and weapons in the PTS

The patch has also forced players into first person view when entering expeditions, and made a number of changes to weapons like raising condition damage melee weapons suffer when blocking, ending the auto-axe attack animation playing twice when jumping and attacking, and the Bow Bar Chainsaw now penetrating armor as intended.

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