Online Worlds With User-Generated Content Like VRChat, Roblox & Second Life Threatened by Upcoming EU Regulation, Says EFF’s Cory Doctorow

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VRChat avatars based on copyrighted content
UPDATE, June 20: The EU has approved this copyright policy by a single vote. Here’s what happens next.
The EFF has an important post from Cory Doctorow on a pending update to the EU Copyright Directive, set for vote on June 20 or 21. For reasons he explains there, any Internet platform that allows the publication of user-generated content is about to be hit by a massive, potentially devastating regulation — and yes, that includes virtual worlds like VRChat, Sansar, Second Life, and any others where users can publish content they create or download to the world, i.e. the company’s servers:
“Under Article 13, companies that allow user-generated content of ANY KIND would have to design some kind of machine-learning-based censorship system that used catalogs of known copyrighted works to check user submissions for copyright violations,” as Cory explains to me. “Google spent $60 million developing the ContentID filter system that is only capable of analyzing audio-tracks of video.”

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