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United game worlds
Game worlds have now been united and you can travel freely between them (once a week for regular players, once every two days for Premium subscribers). All game worlds will be shown on the global map and divided into Red (Full PvP and destruction) and Green (99% safe town claims and less PvP) worlds. Regardless of which area you reside in, you can now communicate with everyone in Global Chat and trade between the worlds via Trade Posts!
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Showcase your fearsome warrior skills on the PvP Battle Arena! Receive prizes for winning battles, and become the top combatant of the PvP ranking!
The Arena is made for ranked, hardcore PvP skirmishes and support up to 20 foot warriors. Mounts are prohibited. Every round lasts 15 minutes and every player has unlimited resurrection with no skill loss. Equipment durability consumption is slower than in the main world.
The arenas are free-for-all and the victory condition is the highest ranking score. Upon death, ranking points received will be lost. At the end of the round, every player takes their place in the results table. Players who received the top 3 prize-winning places will be awarded with coins and overall PvP ranking points.
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Every god now has their own rating system. Players who please their gods by their activities and sacrifices through the week can become Makthrids (cardinals), and the user who achieves the highest score between all of the gods can become Archimankur (Pope). Rank up and garner power through impressing the gods of Life is Feudal; be bestowed with a fitting title and become a powerful favorite of one or several gods!
Utilize your power of a Archimankur: broadcast your messages to the whole world, excommunicate guilds and create your indulgence to pardon repentant criminals. Prepare for politics and intrigue, though, because each of your edicts must be voted for by Makhtrids!
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New outposts
Gather resources faster with our new outpost feature! Devote yourself to more important tasks by building any of the outpost types wherever you see fit. Also, Red worlds have two additional outpost types to produce unique resources: slaves and Barmosag.
You can also purchase slaves to gather resources from outposts even faster, saving you time and energy – which could be better spent seizing other outposts, disposing of your foes’ slaves, or even enslaving your enemies for your own!
Outposts could become an integral part of war – engage in the small scale open world PvP raids to ruin those who stand in your way by hitting their resources; claim outposts from other players and guilds or kill their slaves to ruin their economy!
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No need in wasting your time on gathering resources manually! Save your time and energy by taking advantage of the new slave mechanic. Players can place up to four slaves per outpost, each additional slave speeding up productivity and earning even more production.
There are a couple of ways one can get slaves in Life is Feudal. You can acquire them by controlling the slave outpost in a Red World, buying from other players, or enslaving knocked out players! This feature works only in Red worlds. Now you can make the best of your conquered foes!
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Guild Ranking
Each guild will have a value calculated based on the amount, type and quality of all buildings, objects and items on its town and realm claims. Controlled outposts are also included in the calculation. At the end of every real life day – after prime time – all guild ratings are recalculated. Based on the rating, each guild is placed among one of 10 (ten) ranks. Ratings are calculated based on the amount, size and quality of unmovable objects, items and outposts that the guild controls on its claims.
The allowance of the guilds that can declare the IB on yours, and those that you can declare IB on, depends on how big the rank difference between the specific guilds. For instance, Rank 1 guild cannot be IBed by a Rank 3 or lower rank guild. And Rank 4 guilds cannot IB a Rank 6 of lower rank guild. This is in order to minimize the usage of ‘proxy’ guild claims in the Kingdom vs Kingdom warfare and also to promote wars and IBs between similar sized/developed guilds. Consider it as a weight division in guild vs guild boxing!
We plan to monitor this system closely and adjust rating calculation algorithms along with the ranking IB limitation rules. We do not plan to apply this system on the war standings, since we believe that red worlds should not have such artificial limitations, while green worlds will have the Ostracism feature, which should promote minimization of unneeded wars.

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