Mortal Online:Magic Development Update 2


Magic Development Update 2

Progress update

Howdy community! Time for another update!
We have now put up two test patches on the test server and I would really like to thank the test group for doing an excellent job!
The reports from the test server have given us a good to-do-list of what we have left to work on from a code point of view and today we will be patching the third version of the code to them.
In this version all spells you currently have on the live version have been completed so the spiritism school now has it’s code.
It’s however still missing the new animations (we will be getting them from the animator today or possibly on Monday) and the new effects.

What’s new?

Most of the spells work similar to what you currently have live.
In a attempt to make the Ecumenical easier to understand we have removed a lot of “special cases”.
Earthquake is no longer a self-cast only spell, instead it works like all the other spells but has a short range.
The same goes for Magic Reflection and this makes this spell a bit more interesting as it can be cast on enemy soldiers to “steal” heals from their healer. All Ecumenical spells can currently be cast on any AI or NPC and they work so you can indeed mind-blast someone’s pet or even use magic reflection on it.
We have removed pre-casting from the Spiritism school so all spells in that school will now instantly be casted once the spell has been charged.

Please note that we are still testing these things out and might change them in the future depending on the feedback from the test team.

New effects

Here is another sample of the new effects and these are all self-casted.
As you can see when you compare these to last week’s we are still experimenting with the effects and have now added more god-rays to the light in the right hand to make it look more “magic”.
Please note that all of this is still work in progress and the final version will most likely look different.

Magic Reflect