Mortal Online: Patch Notes


  • Added 10 new pickables to Sarducaa.
  • Added new Ai camp to Sarducaa jungle.
  • Added Eavesdropper NPC’s that will give you the latest rumors.
  • Added new starting point in Morin Khur with a full tutorial.
  • Added 2 new armors.
  • Added a mount equipment vendor to Aur.
  • Added a meter marker to the noob-arrow.
  • Added new waypoint system to the tindrem garden.
  • Added a talk volume to help new players find the undead-head vendor.
  • Added more signs to the graveyard to guide new players.
  • Added support for talkers that can better guide players.
  • Built a better waypoint system for the NoobHelp that can support several minor waypoints instead of just pointing at a single points.


  • Tweaked Nitre Spider queen attacks and movement speed.
  • Optimized node switch on Sarducaa
  • Tweaked the collision on all mobs to prevent them from walking inside the player.
  • Removed loot from Guard wolfs.
  • Improved Belrim FPS.
  • Tweaked loot on humanoids such as cultists and dall roba.
  • Tweaked loot value on Goriax, Intrepidus, AmYarasi Lurker etc.
  • Tweaked loot on Gravekeeper.
  • Increased fire arrow damage against wood structures.
  • Slightly increased melee damage against wood structures.
  • Pets now drink potions at a more reasonable speed instead of drinking it all at once.
  • Capped min-movement speed you get from con-dex to make new characters move faster.
  • Towers connected to a guild without a guildstone will now decay with every daily boot, The towers will lose 700 HP per boot until they are removed.
  • Rebuilt buff system so that AI can use it in a better way.
  • Pickaxes from vendors are no longer bound.
  • Did some minor work on the art in the garden.
  • Updated loot tables to nooks and crannies in Tindrem.
  • Improved stacking of items when looting / putting items in the inventory.


  • Fixed some issues with pets pathing inside none-wall collision structures, this should solve pets
    suddenly running away from the player near certain TC structures.
  • Fixed several issues with TS brokers/mails on Sarducaa.
  • Fixed more floating objects in Myrland.
  • Fixed a couple of minor terrain problems.
  • Fixed armor crafting bug where the main material slot reset after each crafting.
  • Fixed friends list so that accepted requests, added friends and removed friends all show up immediately without having to re-open the friends list.
  • Fixed so that the shift key should no longer get “stuck” when splitting stacks of items in the inventory.