Mortal Online: Magic Development Update 7

Magic Development Update 7

Progress update

It’s real close!
We have started feeding the testers with “final patches” now. These are the patches that you use when you patch unless something goes horribly wrong during QA.
It’s been quite a long development cycle for this patch but it does contain a whole lot of new content for you to dive into.
Not only brand new spells, but also new uses for old items, more skills, and a ton more content in the Etherworld.

We have updated the “Manual” section of the webpage with a short section explaning the basics of the new Etherworld, you can read it here.
If everything goes as planned the patch should be ready for download this monday, the 7th of March. Note that this could change depending on how the QA-session over the weekend turns out.
We have however posted the pre-patch notes and they can be found right here.
The lore for the Etherworld and spiritism has also been released and can be found here.

Priest Beacon

Priest beacons have changed in style with the patch.
They are now bright red and easier to spot in the distance (since red is one of the only colors you can see in the Etherworld). The engine no longer shows ALL beacons instead it shows the closest beacons.
We believe this will sort the issue some players had with FPS drops in the etherworld and would love to get feedback from those players once the patch hits.

New spell effects

Alright, time to show of one more new spell effects just before you get a chance to try them out on your own.

Mental Projectile
This spell deals direct damage to its target if cast from the world of the living and Kau damage if cast from the Etherworld.