Mortal Online: Magic Development Update 5


Magic Development Update 5

Progress update

Howdy community!
Time for another progress update.
We are still working on the new magic school, the first 2 patches have gone out to the test server and they have had a chance to test the new Etherworld and all of the new features we have built.
Naturally the first patches come back with a whole bunch of issues and we are now sorting them out as well as creating new effects, sounds, etc for spells.
We have however gotten most of the new 2D art done and today we will show you what scribing looks like as well as talking about some of the new spells that come with spiritism.


Scribing is a new secondary skill with no parent.
It’s used to move scrolls into spellbooks by completing a small mini-game.
Here’s what the mini-game currently looks like:

You will need to draw the shape (this shape is randomized) before the time in the hourglass runs out and without making too many mistakes to successfully write the spell into your spellbook.
In the future we are planning to build upon this skill and extend it so that spells can be written from spellbooks too scrolls and then sold. This however will come in a future update to the game.

New Spells

Here are some of the new spells spiritism will bring to the game. Please note that both their names and usages may change before release.

Etherworld Portal
This spell is cast on a target. If the target is in the Ether a portal will open that will lead to the world of the living. If it’s cast on a person that is living the portal will lead to the Ether.
When you enter the Ether using a portal you will drop everything you carry (just like if you died) but not Spirit Boxes.

Expel Spirit
This spell is a buff that is cast on any target.
If a player gets the Kau of a player or spirit down to below 0 then that entity is banished.
Banished spirits will be collected in spirit boxes, depending on the strength of the spirit the amount you get will differ.
Banished players will be automatically moved to the nearest priest and resurrected.

Transcendental Seance
This spell will try to draw out lost spirits from the Ether.
If successful a spirit will appear that you can then battle in the Ether and finally use Expel on to catch in you spirit box.
Depending on your location the spirits can be large and strong or tiny and weak. So it’s important to try this out on several locations to find the best spot to collect spirits.
Some spirits will be so strong that it requires more than one spiritist to catch them.

New Icons
The two spells you currently have currently work the same way they do today but have had their icons updated to give the school a unique and more unified look.

Mats has spent some time writing down some of the lore regarding the Spiritists and The Ether (not in advanced Swedish).
This Lore will be released to you guys at a later point we just wanted to inform you that it’s coming.

That’s all

Note that all the information here is still information from systems that can change, some even drastically.
We would love to hear you thoughts on this so please leave all your feedback on the official forums!