Mortal Online 2: Twitch Stream May 5th 2022 Summary

Twitch Stream May 5th 2022 Summary


Our next patch is around the corner. We have been delaying it to ensure that it is a polished release. We appreciate your patience.


Before we turn on subscriptions we want to be sure we take certain steps and milestones. We do not have a timeline at this time. We are not in a position where we are required to turn them on for financial need. When we do, everyone will get the free month that the game purchase has come with.

Necromancy Dungeon

When we launch Necromancy, it will have a dungeon included in the same patch. We have used the data we collected in game and vocal feedback to try to make something that is engaging. It will not necessarily be only for large groups of fighters. We are trying to promote exploration,  different group dynamics and discovery.


When it comes to finding some spells, they will be dropping off of humanoids across the land. Since Necromancy is illegal in some countries, it is likely you won’t find the skill books in city libraries. It is possible to find them in a trade broker if another player is willing to part with any of the books. Creatures for Necromancy do require Creature Control to use.


Trinkets do have to be identified before using. Trinkets will be scattered in loot pools around the world of Nave. Rarer Trinkets will likely be more found in areas with difficult enemies. When Thievery is implemented, Trinkets will be able to be stolen from players.

Assassin Contracts

In the future there will be a system for Assassins that is the opposite of Bounty Hunting. We do not have a date at this time.

Refining Tables and Territory Control

Refining tables are for keeps only. This was decided to give keeps uniqueness in the balance vs strongholds. We want to promote using NPC towns and keep them alive. Player towns will have options for refining their metals when the Territory Control sections of the game make it in. ¬†In regards to TC and player towns, we will have a mechanic the simulates NPC trading. In layman’s terms, it will direct how your towns or strongholds receive goods for the NPCs to supply you with specific vendors.


Trading your home and a demolish button on your house menu is a planned feature. We do not have a set date.

Planned features in the Future

Bolas and slings are planned for the future as weapons. Craftable fishing poles and new fishing poles are planned. Our Tavern Games feature is still in the works. We would like to simulate a similar tavern experience that of Star Wars Galaxies had. We have mentioned that we want to have the Tindrem Arena be a PvP space in the future. When we do this, it will be possible to have a specific node to optimize the PvP in the space.

Metrics and Feedback

When we receive feedback, we pull it from many sources. We have sources include steam forums, our discord, reddit and our official forums. The active members of these platforms are only a portion of our player base. When we look for feedback on balance, gameplay, what is used and etc, we have internal server data that can tell us everything. We look forward to see what the players do in the world of Nave and to hear the feedback from you.

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