One thought on “Mortal Online 2 Stress Test 4k Lag and Node testing about 400 people at same place

  1. This Video show the horrible lag before the Restart.

    Review of the Server PerformenceDuring the stress test, a battle with arround 400-500 players was organized on the battlefield. Here the link to the


    At first the lag was unbearable. Players even teleported around. However, this was due to a bug that caused the creatures’ spawns to quadruple. Then the server was restarted and the fight was fairly lag-free. Here and there my FPS dropped to 25 FPS and one or the other player jerked briefly, but there was no rubber banding and you weren’t hit from a great distance because of the desynch. It was playable. You could also block sensibly. I never would have expected that. I think arround 400-500 players on the battlefield with a mount and blade combat system is a brilliant achievement. There seems to be a lot of work going into the netcode. In the first Game the netcode was very bad, but the developers seem to have gained a lot of experience with this combat system over the past 12 years.I am actually quite impressed! Unfortunately we were outnumbered and that’s why the opponents in this clip retreated to the city. Any developer can implement great and creative mechanics, but the netcode is the reason why most MMOs fail and most developers prefer to keep their hands off a “free aiming” combat system. Gloria Victis and Life is Feudal were unplayable becuase of the Netcode.Since then it has always been said that a free aiming combat system as in mount and blade in impossible in an MMO. You can’t implement a Mordhau Combatsystem in an MMO, but the mount and blade Combatsystem is quite good. You don’t have to aim directly at the weapon when blocking, but you have to block the individual attacks on the right, left, above or in the middle. You don’t even notice the nodelines (server lines). However, the level streaming lines are still lagging. According to the developers, this is being worked on together with Epic Games and should improve significantly after the update to Unreal Engine 5. There will also be Starlink next year.That means 500 Mbit Internet.The game isn’t perfectly optimized either. If a 500-man fight can run fairly smoothly and there is only a little lag every now and then, that is completely sufficient. Usually not that many players take part in a battle and when they do, this is more of an exception. The city of meduli were also very many players.I also made a Fanmade-Trailer to show the Combat System. MO2 cant even compared remotely to MO1

    rumble(dot)com/vmtj5d-mortal-online-2-fan-made-trailer-release-jan-2022 The Combat is amazing ! You can now even feint reposts after a parry !


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