Mortal Online 2 Q&A – Still Hardcore, But Much More Accessible, Beautiful and Large

Mortal Online 2

Rules regarding sieging in territory control is always a challenge, it affects so many players and it can have a devastating impact on groups of players invested in this field. Again we learnt a ton from the old game over the years and could clearly see what didn’t work and what worked well. We will make sure we use this information to rebuild our TC system. We have not yet revealed the details on the rules but covered the big picture of what we aim for in this field on our website. We never really liked artificial time windows to agree on a siege that some games use, at the same time we understand some of the frustration when different time zones do “offline raiding” to others. Even today we are struggling with the details of these rules as most players are as split as we are and we try to find a proper solution that fits our game and our gaming features. We are following discussions and debates regarding this in our community to see what our community thinks could work as well. We have some good ideas and will present more details soon.

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