Linkrealms, A sandbox MMORPG very similar to ultima online in its gameplay features just went into Closed Beta.



Hi everyone,

here’s a short post for you with the most important information you need to know about the next testing phase of Linkrealms – the Winter (Closed) Beta!

When will the test start exactly?

The Winter Beta will start on Saturday, January the 9th, 2015, at 9pm CET (3pm EST).

What’s new in the Winter Beta?

Updates between the Fall Beta and the Winter Beta have been focused on implementing some of the missing core game features – namely, improved character creation and support for multiple characters. Moreover, players with interest in crafting will be able to get involved in the new vendor contact system, through which they’ll earn unique items and crafting tools. Last but not least, the whole PvE experience will be polished greatly.

To find out more about upcoming implementations, please have a look at the Winter Beta Development Roadmap!

How long will the test run for?

The test will run for at least 2 weeks. Additional time can be added if deemed necessary by the development team.

Who has access to the Winter Beta?

Access to the Winter Beta is granted to:

  • Buyers of Founder Packs.
  • Whoever has verified a Beta Key.
  • Old players (accounts created before July 2015).

I have a beta key, how do I verify it?

Just visit the account management page. If you are not a Founder, you’ll find a box to validate your key. If you still don’t have a game account, you can create one on this pageany time.

I’m a Founder / old player, will I receive a key to verify?

No, and you don’t need it – you will simply be able to login when the Winter Beta starts without the need to have verified a key.

I don’t have a key, will I get it?

Check out this page , help us spread the word about Linkrealms and you will get your key! Moreover, key giveaways might be run on our social pages (Facebook, Twitter and our forums) and gaming news portals. Last but not least, if you are a streamer and/or youtuber and you want to cover Linkrealms, just write an email to ask for a key, providing a link to your channel and explaining how you want to cover the game.

If you haven’t managed to get a key in any of the ways described above, don’t lose hope! Keys will be sent the week before the launch of the Winter Beta to players randomly selected among registered accounts.

How do I download the client?

The link to download the client is publicly available on the website on this page. However, please mind that you can’t play Linkrealms while a Beta is not running unless you purchase a Prince Founder Pack, which allows you to play on the Test Server.

Will the game server be wiped / reset after the Winter Beta?

Our plan is not to wipe the server, meaning that when each Beta Test is launched, you’ll be able to start where you left in the end of the previous test. Because of this, you’ll be also able to buy credits and claim stakes from the item shops.

Is there a NDA? Can I stream/make videos of Linkrealms?There is no NDA. You are free to stream the game, upload videos, images, blog posts, and show / discuss Linkrealms every way you like!

Will the Winter Beta be run on Steam Early Access?

It won’t, since the integration of Linkrealms with Steam is still ongoing. However, we are planning to let more users into the game this time to have the servers more populated throughout the whole testing phase.

How many servers will be active during the test? With what ruleset?

The Winter Beta will be run on a single server, the one of the past Summer and Fall tests, which uses the Hardcore ruleset.

Thank you all for your attention and see you soon on Linkrealms!