Legends of Aria’s inspired by Star Wars Galaxies?

“Vitality has been improved to play an increasingly important role in Legends of Aria. Vitality is lost as players engage in daily tasks in the world of Celador, from chopping trees and fishing to the inevitable and all too frequent dirt nap. Restoring Vitality will be an essential function to keep your character strong and, most importantly, well maintained vitality is essential to ensure maximum stats and optimum rates of skill gain. It’s worth noting that Vitality regeneration may only be offered by performing musicians within established Inns & Taverns. We hope that these changes create some warm and welcoming tavern experiences, offer up some strictly social, non-combat roles, and also to serve the ulterior motive of combating those who may seek to gain skills unlawfully.”

Content retrieved from: https://massivelyop.com/2019/08/01/legends-of-arias-new-bard-system-sounds-an-awful-lot-like-star-wars-galaxies/.