Legends of Aria Bringing A New Dawn To The MMO, Adding Free Version To Steam

Legends of Aria Bringing A New Dawn To The MMO, Adding Free Version To Steam - MMORPG.com

We’re excited about the future of Legends of Aria and we have a host of new features, improvements, and most importantly, content, coming to the game. Because Legends of Aria is an MMO, much of this content is built with population in mind.

We’ve received countless requests for a trial from people who want to try the game out before they purchase it. However, it’s difficult to really experience the magic of Legends of Aria when you have a timer ticking down, taking away from the fun of exploring, discovering, adventuring, forging alliances, and making enemies.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the next phase in our evolution – opening the gates of Legends of Aria to all and making the world of Celador more accessible by making the bulk of our content free to experience! Free players can conquer ancient dragons, explore vast dungeons, and wage war against opposing players and guilds starting in November.

“We are excited to break down the pay barrier that prevents many gamers from experiencing the magic the universe of Aria has to offer. By naming this update New Dawn, we are issuing a rallying cry to all open-world PvP sandbox fans to come experience Legends of Aria the way it was meant to be.”

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