Haven & Hearth, The new world ” World 10 ” launches Today!



Haven & Hearth, The new world ” World 10 ” will launch on Saturday 7th of January, 2017.

Haven & Hearth is an Indie Sandbox MMORPG that is set in a persistent environment on a single server that permanently gets affected by what a player does during the game.

Are you looking for a realistic survival experience with a huge world to shape at your pleasure or where you can literrally lose/hide yourself?

For a fair price of free anyone is allowed to instantly jump into the world.

Hovewer be aware that H&H is an hardcore game, unforgiving and definately not for everyone, so unintuitive that it takes hours to figure out the simplest things, requiring the use of the Wiki, but at the same time every achievement you make in the game is very rewarding, cause you really had to work hard for it.


Made by 2 developers, in an Eternal Alpha stage, as they love to call it and inspired by UnrealWorld, an awesome rogue like from ’90, H&H is most of all a labour of love and this will be very clear to you once you get into the game.

You’ll start your game journey naked, lone and lost with nothing and spawn in the middle of a vast wilderness. Slowly as you come to terms with the game world you will develop new skills and abilities to enhance the tasks that you have available. Eventually players can claim land, construct various buildings and start harvesting crops.

Your character is a blank slate at the start of each game, although it will inherit some stats if you have previously had a character and died. Everything in the game is permanent, and so also is your death.


Some features of the game:

  • CRAFTING is exstensive and very in depth, even killing a chicken require many step:
    you had to “Wring his Neck” to receive a dead chicken, then, while wielding a sharpen tool, you can “Pluck” to receive feathers, then you can “Clean” to receive a Cleaned Chicken and Entrails, now you can spitroast over a fire to make Spitroast Chicken, or butcher to receive Chicken Meat and Bones.
  • SOCIAL interactions are a very important aspect of the game, one can be an hermit and learn all the skills needed for survival, or a group can build a village or even a kingdom, split skills between them to allow more customization and point efficiency. Playing with friends is easy too, you can build a “Wilderness Beacon” allowing new characters to spawn at the beacon to your location.
  • COMBAT is performed by your character selecting different attacks/defenses moves, that you can discover fighting wild animals and so building your own personal deck.
    You can craft many different armors to protect yourself and there are also melee, archery and siege weapons.
  • CHARACTER progression is pretty interesting and innovative, you will earn LP (learning Points) while discovering every new item in the game or studying some items that you can craft, forage or obtain in different ways in the game. Then you can spend those LP to learn new skills and raise your abilities.
  • GRAPHICS is 3D, isometric view. You can rotate the camera holding the mouse wheel and zooming in&out scrolling it. While the technical side of the game could certainly be improved the aesthetic is pleasant and contributes to the wilderness feeling of the game.

The H&H world is huge and plenty of possibilities: Explore,Foraging,Hunting,Fishing,Taming and Breeding,Terraforming,Farming and Cooking,Mining and Ore Smelting, Jewerly and many others, you are free to behave as you like, being an happy farmer or a criminal, Thieving from others bases, Raiding abandoned camps or even Murdering other players.


H&H was released for the first time in 2009 and is improving more and more during the years, recently with the Horse Mount, the ” Knarr”, a nice vessel that allow you to travel faster than a rowboat on the water way, the new in game World Map that give you a better understanding of the land around you allowing to mark location of interest and more new features with the upcoming World 10.

Usefull Links:

Java: The game requires Java to run, make sure to install the last version, 64 bit or according with your OS
Ring Of Brofdgar: The Wiki of the game
Sevenless’ guide: A very usefull beginner guide that lead you into the game, some section may not be up to date, but still a very usefull guide
Twitch & Youtube

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