Sandbox MMORPG Wurm Online is celebrating its 10th birthday this week.

“Wurm turns 10! This Monday will mark the 10-year anniversary for Wurm Online going gold, and what a decade it’s been,” writes Community Relations Coordinator Retrograde on the official forums. “Due to the timing of it being a Monday, we’ve planned some events for the following weekend, to ensure that everyone can attend. We’ll have more on those in next week’s news! Events will be organised to occur on several servers, hopefully as many as we can fit in, and maybe even some crafting comps!”

Retrograde has also noted that all accounts will be receiving anniversary gift boxes; returning premium players can also avail themselves of special “welcome back” packs, which has actually upset some players because of the strange loyalty incentives. “To receive one of these, simply buy premium via the shop after the update on the 24th of May on an account that has been premium before, with over 14 days play time but is not premium currently,” reads the ruling. “On the 6th of June, simply login to receive your gift pack!”