Hands-on with Amazon’s New World sandbox – and its distinctively MMO mechanics

Can a survival sandbox game be an MMORPG? Until recently, the answer has been pretty much a big nope. Mostly that’s because the game worlds haven’t been massive by any means. Amazon Game Studios’ New World, however, appears to be changing that by increasing both the world size and the number of players within it. Even more, there are other MMO elements in or planned for the game, enough so that the studio calls New World a sandbox MMO. Make no mistake though, it is still very much a survival sandbox at heart. But with an active NDA and closed testing, how do we know how this PvP-focused game will play? We haven’t much more to go on than dev diaries and interviews. Until now.

Content retrieved from: https://massivelyop.com/2019/02/08/hands-on-with-amazons-new-world-sandbox-and-its-distinctively-mmo-mechanics/.