GloriaVictis Fixes some dupes, and improves on anticheat system.

Changelog v.


New update was just applied! We have introduced many changes based on the received feedback which are improving many aspects of the game, such as PVP tournament formula, attacking or blocking with shields. There are also numerous fixes, including guilds, hotbar and performance.

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

– Fixed an issue causing damaging the hotbar (no slot was working and all of them were numbered as “0”) – from now on hotbar should work properly again for all players who encountered this problem
– Fixed an issue causing that guild leader was couldn’t see and manage their guild
– Fixed an issue causing constant performance drop occuring on some PC configurations by optimizing chat – some of the system’s features are not available in this version but it will be continuously improved in the nearest future; temporarily muting a player works with /mute Nick command (for unmuting: /unmute Nick); thanks for reporting all experienced problems with chat to!
– Fixed an issue allowing to duplicate recipes while learning them
– Fixed an issue causing that in some edge cases flags were locked in neutral state
– Improved left attack’s animation for one-handed weapons, slightly increasing its range
– Enlarged shields colliders
– Reduced NPC mercenaries spawning frequency during PVP tournament – higher points difference is needed now to spawn more of them
– Added shrubs, improved the terrains and grass quality
– Improved anti-cheat security [reminder – we are continuously gathering informations about players who try to cheat as we are testing our anti-cheat security]

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