Gloria Victis Weekly Update – New dynamic events, numerous improvements to AI and interface

Changelog v.0.5..9.2 Alpha

Greetings from the battlefield!

This weekly update introduces, among other things, new dynamic events, as well as numerous improvements for interface and AI.

New dynamic events, designed for the new players, engage Ismirean players to stop the Midlandic partisans attack at the Mereley fort. This event chain guides the newcomers through the very first moments in game and helps them to learn the basics of gameplay.

There are also numerous improvements for the experienced players as well, such as implementation of the inventory context menu. It allows to choose precisely an action which a player wants to perform with selected item or even to display a list of recipes in which such item can be used! This change greatly improves comfort of the inventory management and learning the crafting system.

We have also greatly improved the AI as well, so now the fights between NPCs look much better and they can perform various immersive actions, such as cutting woods, harvesting crops, mining or sitting on benches.

See you in battle!

Changelog v. Alpha


– Implemented new chain of dynamic events near Mereley – attack of the Midlandic partisans at a Northern gate of the fort and chase after them to the camp – and slightly redesigned events occuring in this location
– Improved behaviors of the NPC mercenaries who support players in the PVP tournament “Valley of Death”
– Added spawning the NPC mercenaries of a losing team during the “Valley of Death”, even if such team doesn’t control a flag
– Improved behaviors of the NPCs, such as fighting the other NPCs, sitting or gathering resources
– Replaced animation of blocking with shield by a player
– Increased loading speed and slowed down unloading speed of the blocking power bar for shields
– Balanced the resources harvesting times
– Made the stagger time dependent on the power of attack and current stamina of an attacker
– Added safezones around the camps of exiled players


– Implemented the guild ranks system – leader, besides of the current permissions, can now nominate guild members to an officer or recruit and pass their function, officer can invite and remove recruits, recruit doesn’t have any additional permissions
– Added context menu in the inventory window, after clicking RMB on a chosen item – it greatly improves comfort of using the items, showing their exact purpose
– Added transition between the inventory and crafting windows – after clicking RMB on a chosen item and selecting a specific option in a context menu, available recipes in which the item can be used will be displayed in a separate window , therefore significantly improving comfort of the inventory management and learning the crafting system
– DIsabled ability to consume crafting materials in order to avoid confusion


– Fixed an issue causing that leaders couldn’t manage their guilds
– Fixed an issue causing displaying animation of falling down when walking up or down the stairs
– Fixed an issue causing that animation of blocking with fists was blocking a controller
– Fixed an issue causing that some informations about a character were saved after removing it and passed to the next character with the same name
– Fixed an issue allowing to duplicate items when looting players